Lickety split posting today!

I really, really, REALLY must tackle my ironing pile this afternoon, so I'm not going to take too long posting. This morning Cathy and I went on an organised walk - we planned to do the 5km circuit, but it wasn't very well signposted, so we missed a turning, and ended up doing about 7 km instead. Onion soup was served to all walkers at the end. It was a lovely walk - will post pictures later (if I remember)

Food this week:
We're going to the cinema tonight to see the film about Liberace (in VO) so I think we may have a pizza or something while out.

It was going to be chilli noodles with prawns - but if we're out on Sunday, we need to finish the pork joint(planned to use this on Sunday). So we'll have Sticky honey pork with sesame greens - and maybe a few noodles. (Both recipes from my fabulous 5:2 recipe book)

Parsnip soup and prawn mayo sandwich
Out for dinner at Danièle's house.

Sandwich-in-the-car for lunch
Oven roasted herby salmon - cooked by Mr FD - for dinner.

Spicy aubergine curry (from my fabulous 5:2 recipe book) with naan bread

I'm not here. I'm going away to Toulouse where I'm going to a weekend workshop called "Opening Doors". Then on Sunday night I'm going to stay with Floss, a blogging friend. I'm rather excited about it all! Mr FD will be able to have what he wants - be that something from the freezer (brochettes...daube...merguez...) or something he's bought to cook himself (like liver. Yuck!)
And that's it!

Off to the ironing board!


  1. Yay, Mouse! Have fun with Floss! That's VERY fun!
    Iron on with confidence!

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  3. You don't like liver?! Liver is great, as is kidney. Particularly in 'steak and kidney pie', an English speciality. As for merguez though, hmmm, I'm rather suspicious of what they put into it, particularly cheap ones. Oh, and your week's menu sounds just great to me! May I wish you and yours an excellent evening.

  4. you've encouraged me...if there's time tomorrow, I'll work on my ironing pile. I enjoy ironing but don't do it much, seems there's always something else more pressing.

  5. Thank you for your comment... I secretly fancy Glenn too


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