Surprise, surprise!

No, I didn't have Cilla Black leaping out of the woodwork at me (Wiki link for those for whom that cultural reference went straight overhead!) but I did have a very pleasant surprise yesterday.

I made the cauliflower crust pizza from Lavender & Lovage. I was so not sure that it was a good idea - and I was so surprised to find that actually, it worked! It wasn't exactly pizza, but it was a tasty, cheesy base upon which to put pizza-like ingredients. Mr FD couldn't believe his tastebuds!
I used a few more toppings than L&L suggested, so it went over the 245 calories that she gave - but not by much. I made a tomato sauce with a tbsp of tomato puree, a squeeze of Harissa paste and a tbsp of water, which I spread over the crust; I then put on half an onion (sliced thickly), some mushrooms, some cherry tomatoes, half-a-slice of ham, 25g mozzarella (as instructed by L&L) and a sprinkling of grated emmanthal.

It gave a very savoury base for the ingredients, with a slight cauliflower tang. It needed a knife and fork  to eat (mine stuck to the baking sheet, & came off in pieces, so I should oil it better next time) but with a salad of leaves (grace à Michel) and coleslaw made with low calorie mayo, and Yve's cabbage it was satisfying enough to keep me going through the evening.

A very pleasant surprise!


  1. Well done, Mouse! It looks delicious. I think I'll have some cheese for breakfast. Have a good day, friend!

  2. Mmmm this looks yummy, was tempted to try this recipe myself when I saw it a while ago....must do it now. :) Viv xx

  3. Hello! I am still here, lurking exhaustedly in the corners of Blogland! Still reading, still enjoying, still not capable of coherent thought!! Saw Aaron yesterday. He was cycling into St George's Market as we were wandering out. Was quite surprised that he was only cycling round Belfast. With all of South America as yet untapped! He is running Belfast's first Half-Marathon next Sunday though, so I suppose that keeps him in the country for another week!


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