Voyaging with the Cycle Club

I forgot that I hadn't posted about the Voyage with the Cycle Club. We had a lovely time in the Alpine village of Samoens which was set in a beautiful valley. Here are some of the photos:

 On Saturday afternoon the cyclists set out to conquer the mountains. There was a bus trip for the non-cyclists to a clock museum and miellerie (honey making place) but it was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk. It was slightly disappointing as I got a bit lost and didn't really go anywhere...but I did find a nice shop where I bought a blouse - so it's not all bad!
 In the evening we went for a walk around the village and quite a lot of us (not me. I'd eaten far too well at dinner and felt a little over-stuffed!) had an ice cream.. Here is Mr FD in the shade of a 400 year old lime tree

The next day the cyclists set off to conquer new heights
while I decided to go for a shortish walk - my feel were hurting after yesterday. I went first to a waterfall:

which was rather lovely. I sat for quite some time and watched it. But it hadn't taken long to get there, and I was feeling quite good, so I took another path, signposted to Beaumont-les-Hauts. It was hard going but I felt really good: it was a beautiful day and while my feet hurt a little, I could ignore it.

I passed these sheep in a tiny hamlet

and then came across this shrine:


(The illustrious and reverend gentleman, the Bishop and Prince of Geneva will always accord indulgences to those who say an Our Father and an Ave Maria in front of this oratory)

 So I did!

 After lunch there was some free time before getting the bus back, so Mr FD and I visited the Botanical Gardens in the village. We managed to force down an ice cream today! I had melon-and-pineapple. Yummy!

 and then we all went to Le Cirque du Fer à Cheval which was beautiful

It is a great circle of rock, with cascades all around from the meltwater from the glaciers and snow on the tops. Amazingly beautiful.

Finally we made our way home, pausing at an "aire" (motorway rest stop) to have the usual picnic supper

Bread, charcuterie, crisps, paté, chocolate, wine, melon,  cake - and home made flapjack. Which went down very well and I had to explain what it was and how it was made about 20 times! I think I will have to sell the recipe!

This particular time I used a mix of porridge oats, granola and meusli, some ground almonds, and dried cranberries, with a mixture of golden syrup and honey, together with butter and sugar. One of my best versions so far, I think!


  1. Flapjack sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos, Mouse!

  2. Beautiful photos, a lovely place for a cycle... you're brave to tackle the hills!

  3. Ah, Lucy, if only...if only! I wasn't the one tackling the hills (at least not on bike!) but the fit Mr FD did it - and really enjoyed himself!


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