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HELLO! First of all, a big fat Dormouse welcome to 2 new followers: Lucie from Big Cook...Tiny Kitchen and also to Tenku Butang, who appears to have a YouTube channel all of his/her own. Also a blog which is incomprehensible, so I'm not sure I'd get much benefit from following him/her. But still, HELLO & WELCOME!

Otherwise, we're fine. It's finally decided to be quite summery. A week of beautiful sunshine (when we were working) has given way to a Saturday that's grey and a bit muggy. Mr FD is cycling up some huge climbs with the Cyclo Club today in preparation for the Voyage next week. There they're planning to cycle up the Col du Joux Plane
which is big and high. The non-cyclists will be relaxing in the swimming pool and visiting (I believe) a clock museum.

I'm not sure if today we will be welcoming a stray cyclist. We belong to a group called Warm Showers, which links up cyclists with hosts where they can stay overnight. Our experience with young Aaron back in November was so positive we decided to sign up. On Thursday I received an email from a Quebecois who wanted to know if he could have a bed for tonight. I emailed back immediately saying "Yes" since when I have heard nothing. OK, it's going to be very relaxed, and we're not putting on anything special for him (although I have invited 2 cycling friends to share dinner with us) but I'm a tad miffed that he hasn't bothered to contact us to say yes/no/maybe. Oh well, all the more salad, lasagne and fruit crumble for us!

Food next week is a bit disorganised, as I'm trying to empty the freezer. As I'm using a box  labelled "Mince and vegetables", another labelled "cooked mince" and another "Mincey-veg" to make tonight's lasagne, AND I've removed the half-joint of fore-rib of beef to have tomorrow, one of the drawers is now very empty. We need to work on the others!

MONDAY - not a fast day as we're having a lunch at ILS, the language school where I work, as an end-of-course Goodbye for a couple of classes. This isn't usual, but they're really nice and they suggested we did it, so - I'm making English trifle for pudding (with jelly! Sure to (not) go down well with the French!) So for dinner, I'm pulling out yet another box of vegetable curry from the freezer, mixing it with some of the beef from our roast meal on Sunday and making vegetable-curry-and-beef pasties to have for dinner with salad.


TUESDAY: Fast day - I'm making a veggie chilli to have with a bit of rice. Otherwise, just cuppa soup (and 1 cracker with a half slice of cheese) - adding up to about 100 calories.

WEDNESDAY:  Cold beef, chips and beans. Miam-miam (French for "Nom-nom")

THURSDAY: Something from the freezer...I'm thinking a melange of salmon and seafood mix, in a creamy sauce, topped with mashed potatoes. Everything, except the creamy sauce, is in the freezer. I feel Mr FD could assemble this meal without too many problems!

FRIDAY: Fast for me, but not Mr FD,as he's in preparation for tomorrow. So Mushroom Goulash  for us both, but more for MrFD with pasta (freezer) I may have a tad of pasta or maybe a small jacket potato.

SATURDAY - away with the Cyclos. I know we'll stop for breakfast on the way - out will come cool boxes full of sausage, cheese, chocolate and bread, plus wine (at 8 am!) or coffee. Lunch will be provided by the Holiday centre before the ascent - probably something with pasta - and I would guess it will be traditional Savoyard fare for dinner. This will be some variety of the melted cheese/charcuterie/potato mix that appears in so many mountain areas - tartiflette, raclette, aligot, fondue, and another which I've forgotten. All variations on a theme...

SUNDAY: Lunch is again provided, but dinner is a Cyclo event on the way home - stop in a Service Area, and pull out cheese, meat, bread,crisps, cake, melon, fruit, wine, chocolate, coffee. Stand around eating and chatting and then pile on the bus again. This is the only time in the year when I feel I should have my own pocket knife! Everyone pulls theirs out in order to slice/peel/pare various foodstuffs... and we have nothing! Still, I'm thinking of making a giant lot of flapjack, so maybe someone will be willing to share!

ThistleCove Farm - Hello, Sandra! The food was all delicious...especially on Monday & Friday. I find that fasting really makes tyou appreciate the meal!!!

PomPom: I didn't do all my ironing (a job I detest) but the things that I thought I'd need. I'm swopping my winter/autumn/spring clothes for my summer clothes today - there'll be more ironing to do, I fear!!

Tenku Butang - I'm glad you like my blog..but as I say, I don't think there's much point me following your blog. I don't understand it!!

Esme - as you might have seen the weather for our trip away wasn't too bad. Let's hope this coming weekend is even better!


  1. Oh, how I fantasise about owning a proper footed glass trifle dish like that one in the picture. I have a perfectly good 'ordinary' trifle dish, but I love those ones which are raised up. I am sure my trifles would taste less ..trifling..if they were elevated!!!

  2. Well, Mouse, it seems as though you are getting a good bit of summer weather. Yay! I think lounging by the pool while hubby bikes is a good idea!
    I am behind on my ironing. I've been sick, but I am on the mend now.
    All your dishes look delicious again! Yummy!

  3. As a Canadian anglophone what can you say about the Quebecqois. I would give you a solid Mais oui but the accent will not come through-that is rather rude. I am ride 100 km today but the Col du Jour sounds so much more enjoyable-I will be by the ocean. Tell your husband I just purchased a new carbon fiber bike last night-no I am not riding it today-I am waiting for a pair of shoes to come in so I am going to hold off for them to get fitted on the bike. Are you going to spend any time in Annecy. The food in this area is so delicious. You have me wishing I was there. I have a friend who is off to Provence next week-he is renting a house-I was invited but could not justify the $2,000 airfare and I had work obligations that I could not get around. Now I want to be there.

    Ps if you ever see a book I reviewed and you want a copy let me know-I pass on most of my books.

    pss pop on over to see my weekend cook-it is about Maison Bricourt in Cancale.


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