Busy days!

We've had a lovely time with a couple of friends staying, but now it's back to normal. We went out for a couple of meals - one to the Poste round the corner, where I was a bit disappointed by the choice on the menus.There was nothing that really grabbed my tastebuds! However I chose a tuna terrine, followed by chicken in a mushroom sauce. It was very nice, but nothing particularly WOW! factor. Still great cheese and a good choice of desserts, as usual.
The other meal was to La Murette
where - because it was "Friday and not the weekend" (?!) there were no "menus" - just a choice of poeles with meat and potatoes. However, these were delicious: I chose confit de canard, Norman had agneau, and Ian went for reblechon cheese; (Mr FD hadn't joined us as he wasn't feeling very well)
We had a salad to begin, and then our little frying pans full of potatoey-meaty goodness were brought, still sizzling hot, to the table. After that (and a Westvleteren Blonde beer for me!) we were very full and went back home.

And now...

I've spent this morning doing my one of my least favourite things - sending out bills, getting my records and accounts up to date. But a big THANK YOU to Mr FD who spent last Saturday afternoon completing our tax return.

The freezer has become too full to put anything else in - so it's time to start taking things out and using them. So this week's meal planning will be very boring, and have very few recipes included. Sorry!

MONDAY: Kamchatka with a bit of chorizo thrown in (I've got lots of peppers that I bought for a recipe and then didn't use)

TUESDAY: Burgers with chips and coleslaw and salad. No buns though.

WEDNESDAY: Aubergine and ham gratin. Again, already in the freezer.

THURSDAY: Salmon in coconut/chilli sauce. Served with noodles and strfrried shredded cabbage. Salmon is already in the freezer (I bought 8 fillets of salmon-trout for 10€. As they usually sell for 2 for 5€ I was quite a happy bunny at that bargain!) I'm teaching this evening, so Mr FD will have to prepare this.

FRIDAY: Fasting again. Something made with the left over veggies I would imagine and some chicken pieces (Again bought reduced - Red Label chicken at 1,50€ for 300g. Not bad!) With a lot of spiciness and maybe a few carbs I'll make the recipe up as I go along.

SATURDAY: Something mincey-veggie-tomatoey with fresh pasta. The mince/veggie sauce is in the freezer and the fresh pasta in the fridge.

SUNDAY: We've had a piece of beef in the freezer since Christmas. I think it might be time to pull it out and have it in all its glory with yorkshire pudding, roasties and loads of vegetables. It will make room in the freezer too, as it's a BIG lump of meat!

I hope all my readers are well and happy. Sorry this is a tad rushed this week - I've got to prepare next week's lessons and do my ironing, and it's already 3.30!


  1. oh goodness...I'm eating at your house this week; far better than what I've got planned...which isn't much of anything.

  2. Iron away, Mouse! All the food here looks delicious!

  3. nyummy2.. all looks delicious!

    follower Number 76

    Love your blog and following your journey!! Thank you!
    done follow u, will u follow mine?

  4. I agree it was not my favourite book and I only finished it because I needed to review it. I thought she was quite the pathetic character.


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