What happened there?!

So much for reducing costs!
I went to Lidl and got over half the things on my shopping list for just over 50€. I was quite pleased with that, and thought that I'd get the other "bits" in Carrefour for maybe 40€. Hmm. As the cashier cheerfully asked for 70€ I wondered quite where I'd gone wrong! OK I bought a few not-quite-impulse buys (dishwasher cleaner, two bags of jam sugar and a squirty bottle) and I knew that some of the things I bought were going to be expensive ( a chicken, cat biskits -boy! they like the expensive ones!! - and one or two other bits.) but I am still a bit dissappointed that it came to over 120€ Never mind! This is only the start, so I shall try to see what's happening and improve.

There were cheaper chickens, but I didn't quite like the look of them: theplastic wrap was loose, as though it was coming off, and, I don't know, I was just a bit dubious! I couldn't buy any frozen stuff as it's a half an hour drive back home, so I don't feel too confident about things not defrosting (especially in today's temperatures.)


  1. I have sometimes found that Lidl is slightly more expensive than Carrefour.

  2. I think Carrefour is the most expensive supermarket.
    My friend told me that Leclerc is one of the cheapest if you buy their own range.
    I also do a shop from Asda a couple of times a year and have it delivered. I pick it up in Tours.

  3. I've never thought of having an Asda shop delivered - who delivers it? Is it friends or a company? And is it expensive to do this? There are a few things from the UK I miss so this would be ideal.


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