I must get in the habit...

...of not impulse buying.
I was wandering around the market, having bought today's loaf, and I saw the olive man. Mm, some tapenade wuld be nice with lunch, I thought, and before I knew it, 3,45€ was spent. I suppose it's not a huge deal, but those three euros impulse buys add up fairly quickly, and I am trying to save money. Still, it was delicious tapenade, and it went very well with the roast veggies, hummous and feta we had for lunch. In fact the cold roast veggies are something I've not really thought of having before, but they were really delicious. I will have to remember this and make extra when I prepare them for dinners!

However I did resist buying shoes - they are real leather, look very comfortable, fit my inserts, and only cost 20€. But I DON'T NEED SHOES!


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