1,000 € for 1,000 km Cycling Challenge - FINISHED!

 This is a direct cut-and-paste from my other blog. So if you've read it there first, you needn't read it again.

HUZZAH for me! I've finished! I've completed my Cycling 1,000 km in 6 months Challenge - with 4 days to go!!! And, rather fittingly, on the day that we hear Richard has been found "Not Guilty" of the drugs charges in Zambia. Unfortunately, he is still charged with stealing his own property (don't ask...) and stands trial for this in October, but we are still Very Pleased that the first hurdle is passed.
Here are three photos.

Here's the odometer reading 1,000.

Here's a happy me. I won't say how many times I took an "at arms' length" photo until I was satisfied that you couldn't see my double chin!!!

and here is where I was when the odometer ticked over from 999 to 1000 (though I should admit that I had pootled about a bit to make sure it happened here! But it did seem properly fitting.) You can see the Trusty Bike propped up.
I don't think I've made the 1,000€ I was hoping for, although various people have promised vague amounts of money "when you've finished" so I may manage to collect a bit more, but I think I've probably collected about 600-700€. Which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I'm sure the Chisomo Community SCHOOL will be very happy to use the money to the benefit of the PUPILS.
Now. Will I ever get on the bike again, do you think...? Place your bets, Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets!


  1. Bonjour again, lovely Dormouse- just scrolling down through all your energy and wisdom. Nice start to the weekend- hope your prohibitive working hours will finish soon and your weekend can start too!

  2. I bet you've been back on that bike since! Congratulations and it's also wonderful news about Richard. I'll keep praying about the other charges.

    This is an immenselfy satisfying post to read (albeit late). You've really cheered me up!

    Thanks for your entry in my giveaway, too.

  3. Oh, Floss...how I wish you were right!!!

  4. Hey Dormouse! Hope you are well and still ready to host the Willows! They are about to start the American leg of their Grand Tour and will be coming to France after Ireland and England! DO email me your address!

  5. Hi FD! Ha ha ha! I take many photos until I'm happy with the chin, too!
    Way to go! All that riding! Ratty, Mole, and Toad will get some exercise at your place!


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