Fat Dormouse hasn't been getting much thinner...

...for quite some time! I lost my motivation and "mojo" a while back. However, I'm not too bothered, as I've not gained (too much) weight since stopping "being careful". However, as biscuit consumption is creeping up again, I need to take that in hand, I think!

The cycling challenge is still ongoing. I've now completed almost 900 km of the 1,000, and I am rightly proud of that. It's not been too difficult, but it has been a challenge, for all that. Generally, I'm a reluctant cyclist, but once I'm out on the bike I quite enjoy it. I'm happy to stop after about 30 km, however. Mr Fat Dormouse is much keener, and he wants me to "push myself", to do more hills and to go further. He thinks I should finish my 1,000 km with a 50 km ride. Why? I don't want to do a 50 km ride. I'm happy doing between 25 and 35 km per ride; I don't want to go faster/further/higher than last time  - though having said that, I did decide to go over a 14% (I think that's what Mr FD said it was. Is that steep?) climb when I was out last. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and altho I gave up and pushed a bit of the way, and I had to stop to pant a lot every 250m or so, I was really thrilled once I made it.

I don't think I'll quite manage the 1,000€ target, but that's OK. I've got quite a lot to collect from work colleagues and from the Cycle Club, so I'm guessing it'll be about 700€ in all. That's still good news for Chisomo. Let's hope Richard is at liberty to receive the money. He is waiting for the judgement, due on 29th August, and while it is looking slightly more hopeful, due to a new piece of supporting evidence (which may or may not have ben submitted too late to make a difference to the case for the defence) he could still be facing 26 years imprisonment for doing nothing more than helping the very poorest in a poor country, due to greed and corruption of others.

If you are of a praying frame of mind, please continue to pray for him.
Further news may be found (though I make no promises!) over at dormouse.wibsite.com


  1. Thanks for all that news - like you, I've been a bit lackasasical about eating habits over the holidays, and am aware that this is beginning to have effects. I am still praying, too, and grateful for news.


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