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 But before the Food Talk, what about other things?!

Hello, Lovely Peeps! I hope your Sunday is as sunny and balmy as ours. I have to admit to being a little discombobulated by this weather. It is definitely very springlike, and we have seen catkins and Pussy Willow starting to bud. But I don't trust it. At All. I'm sure we are going to have another very cold spell which will mightily confuse the creatures (especially those woken early from hibernation) and kill off the early blossoming blooms. But I suppose all we can do is enjoy the weather and see it as a blessing!

I forced myself to heave my lazy bum off the computer chair yesterday, and am very pleased I did. The feet are so much better now, so Friend Alison and her dog Marvin went for a walk in the woods above the village. It was probably about 4 km or so. The weather was beautiful, and Marvin enjoyed following the scents of what we assume were wild boar (judging by the rootled up ground) I took my campera, but we were so busy chatting that I didn't take any photos!

But here's a view of the village on the same walk in October 2015

And a view along the pathway.

Otherwise, I have spent my weekend blogging, (See over at The Teapot),cooking meat for the poor cats, tidying my study, working on my Desiderata project which has been ongoing since June 2015 and generally just enjoying myself! Next week is a lull in lessons - partly due to contracts finishing, and partly duer to school holidays - but I have lots of admin/ preparation/ sorting stuff out to do, which will fill up the free hours. Mr FD isn't working, as his contract has finished too, but he will be looking for more work, plus doing things he hadn't had time to do while he was working. 

So, what is on the menu this week?

TODAY - was going to be a roast chicken dinner, but Mr FD is feeling delicate. He has had a bit of a "gastro" since Thursday night - and while he's feeling better, he thinks a roast dinner mightn't be the best idea. Sad face.😿 So I'll be doing the chicken legs in a mushroom sauce, with rice instead. I can't think why he feels that would be better, but hey. There you go. Roast dinner postponed till next week.

MONDAY: Butternut squash and chilli risotto. Maybe this isn't the best idea for someone with a gastro either!!  Still, Mr FD will be in charge of cooking it, so he can change the recipe to something less spicy if he prefers!

TUESDAY: Honey mustard chicken pasta. However, we'll be having it hot, rather than as a salad, so I'll use some creme fraiche instead of mayo. 

WEDNESDAY: Butternut squash & black bean enchilladasWhich sound delicious! I'll be using red kidney beans, rather than black beans, but otherwise they'll be about the same.

 THURSDAY: Tomato & bacon gnocchi - or something similar to this recipe. I'm not sure I'll be faffing with cherry tomatoes. I'll probably just go for a straightforward tin of plum tomatoes!

FRIDAY: Not meatballs, pasta and sauce. A recipe from the fantastic Jack Monroe. Very cheap to make (except aubergines aren't so cheap at the moment!) 


 SUNDAY: The postponed roast chicken, with parsnips, roasties, carrots and stuffing. I may get a whole chicken, or maybe a couple of legs. Not sure yet.

Thank you, as always for your comments. It is lovely when people take the time to comment.

Lots of people were sympathetic about nasty eczema, and your lovely comments made me feel better. Thank you for those!

CONFUZZLED BEV - Your chickpea-y spag bol sounds nice. I don't often think to put chickpeas with pasta, though I can't think why not. I might be tempted to include mushrooms in the mix though!!!

JAN - another chickpea dish that sounds yummy! I don't put chickpeas in soup either!! Aren't they versatile! I usually make a spinach/chickpea/mushroom (there they are again!) curry. That's nice.

KEZZIE: Sorry to hear about your rogue mushroom experience! If you don't like them I can imaginethat wouldn't be a nice thing to happen at all!

So there you are!
Thank you again for popping in, & I hope that maybe you'll be inspired to make one or two of the recipes. Do tell me if you do!


  1. We love chickpeas, last night we had kedgeree and I added some to give the meal a little more 'umph'. With a hungry husband and hollow-legged teenager, all meals need to be quite substantial to quell tummy grumbles!


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