Psst. Are you awake?

Hello Dear Peeps!

This is a quick post (as always, at the moment!) - I have 20 minutes before my phone lesson. I have managed to plan for the next few days, so I can catch up with my blog. Briefly. Don't forget that there is also my other blog, View From the Teapot, so if I haven't posted here, maybe I've posted there (or vice versa!)

What food is planned this week? Nothing terribly exciting, I'm afraid. I'm going through a bout of IBS at the moment - nothing too debilitating, but I'm not terribly interested in food, as it all leaves me a bit bloaty and gaseous (Sorry if that's TMI!) Anyway

MONDAY (today): Korean mince (fromthe freezer), rice and braised leeks.

TUESDAY: Vegetable curry - if I can find any appropriate vegetables! Usually I'd use courgette and aubergine, but with the shortage prices are high. I refuse to pay 2,50€ for 1 courgette! So it may well be a butternut squash/parsnippy curry - which is no bad thing, as these vegetables are in season! We have some poppadoms from the UK that need eating, so we'll have those.

WEDNESDAY: Pasta Arrabiata.

THURSDAY: We're at Friend Alison's for apèros, as it's her birthday.Depending on what snacks we are fed, we may just have bread and soup. If we're more hungry, we may have an omelette. On verra.
As she likes my White chocolate & Ginger cheesecake I'm making her one (or two small ones) as part of her birthday present.

FRIDAY: Chilli and garlic bread.

 SATURDAY: Noddy's Sticky bangers and mash This link to a PDF folder has several sausage-y recipes on it. You can scroll down for the Sweet & Sticky recipe. I may not follow it exactly, as it's not really plum season and I have no idea where to get plum sauce from.

SUNDAY: Chicken Saltimbocca This is a Slimming World recipe, and when I made itbezfore I complained that it needed some kind of sauce...This recipe has taken that into account and now includes a sauce. So I'll try that! With roasties and mange touts.

Must dash. Lesson starts in three minutes!!


  1. Courgettes are always expensive here and they don't seem to have got any more so... yet ;-)

  2. Morning! I like you read both your blogs but I can't find a way to comment on the other site. Hope that you have a good week, Jx

  3. What's a phone lesson? If that's where someone teaches you how to use your phone, great idea! The Verizon people keep wanting me to buy a new phone as mine is almost 3 years old. I keep telling them, I don't know how to use this one so what's the use? lol

  4. Plum sauce is sold at our local Asian Store, actually Chinese owners, but they sell all sorts. I Enjoy your blog.Thank you.

  5. Oh my, that is expensive for a courgette! I haven't seen them in my local supermarket for weeeeeks!!!x


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