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Hello Dear Peeps!
Sorry, no clever title today!

Here's hoping all is well with you - I have a cold developing. I felt bad this morning, so didn't go to church (the thought of an hour's drive to get there was unappealing with my head in a very muzzy state!) I feel better now, but my throat is uncomfortable, and needs clearing every 30 seconds or so. I think I will make sure the spare room is ready for occupancy today in case I need to decamp there tonight to avoid disturbing Mr FD.

I have made a momentous decision - in 2015 (and two years before that) I worked at a Summer School teaching English. Last year, as the Head of the Dept had decided not to go back, and as I was feeling old and in need of a break, I also declined to go. While I enjoyed a slightly less fraught summer I did miss it. So when I heard the Head of Dept was going back (at least for this year) I decided to apply again. I don't know if I will be successful - although apparantly one of David's conditions for returning was that "The Old Team" was back together (and I think I qualify for that, both in the sense of "the former team" and "the old-in-years team"!) so maybe I'll be accepted with open arms. As Mr FD said "The money will be useful" (as he's not working AND we seem to have booked quite a lot of holidays!!) so there you go! Let's see what happens.

Here we all are, in 2015, outside trhe Hawk Conservancy Trust. 

On other news - over at The Teapot you can read an exciting account of One week in the Life of a Fat Dormouse.

Mr FD is applying for jobs. We keep fingers crossed.

Today - despite cold-y feelings I am determined we shall have our roast chicken dinner.

MONDAY: Chicken & Ham in a mushroom sauce, with rice and green beans. This will use up some of the chicken, plus 1 of two ham steaks I bought reduced to half price a couple of weeks ago & stashed in the freezer.

TUESDAY: Spinach & Ricotta lasagne, with added chicken.

WEDNESDAY:Oven Baked Bacon & Leek risotto - but using the other ham steak in place of bacon and adding lots more veg...such as mushrooms, pepper, spinach, onion. And not frozen peas.

THURSDAY: Curry spiced veggie burgers with wedges and a chicory salad.

FRIDAY: Salmon with Chinese Leaf I keep looking at this recipe and thinking "Surely it needs something else" as it does sound a bit "meh"-y. But some recipes never look promising and then turn out well, so  nothing ventured... If we don't like it I can remove the recipe from my folder and never speak of it again. Of course, it all depends on whether I can get Chinese cabbage in Super U.

SATURDAY: Sausage casserole.

SUNDAY: Chicken & sweet potato - actually this is another Does-it-need-something-else? recipe. We'll see.

Thank you for your comments - and, if you don't comment, thank you for popping in.

KJSUTCLIFFE (who I know as Live,Love,Craft, Me) pointed out how invaluable chickpeas are for filling up growing yoofs. I guess they are much healthier than lots of other things one can fill up on!


  1. Hope your cold is gone quickly. Don't know if it's a coincidence, but we haven't had any colds since taking vitamin D daily (hope I'm not tempting fate!)

  2. Hope the cold bids you adieu soon!!! Hope you get the Eglish school job again!!!

  3. Good luck Mr FD!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I hope your cold has already started to clear! Absolutely love the Billy photo - my old tabby often had the same expression! Jx


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