This is a quick in-and-out post....It's already 3.15 on Sunday afternoon - I stayerd later at church for Christmas choir pracxtice - and I need to get on with the Bishop's Christmas cards!!

So, here is a quick update on the coming week's food...I'm trying to choose cheaper dishes, but the shopping bill this week wasn't much cheaper...Only by about 20€. Mind you, I suppose 20€ is quite a bit, really.

FRIDAY: Pork chops with apple, mashed sweet potato and carrots

SATURDAY: Kamchatka with bread. I threw in the knob-end of a chorizo, and also some mushtrooms. I meant to add spinach too, but I forgot!

SUNDAY: Bolognon and rice - I've cooked this in the slow cooker. I think there's going to be rather a lot of liquid. It may need reducing nearer to serving. It is described by Jack Monroe, the originator of the recipe, as "a furtive love child of bolognaise and bourgignon"

MONDAY: Mushroom bolognaise - this is priced as 38p a portion, so that's certainly cheap! Hopefully it will be nice (although I don't believe Kezzie would like it as she abhors mushrooms)

TUESDAY: The remains of the bolognan, with added kidney beans and served on tortillas. So we'd better not eat it all tonight!

WEDNESDAY: I don't know yet. I plan on shopping on Tuesday so will have to plan the week ahead tomorrow evening.

As always, thank you for your comments.

ALISON 59 - The bathroom is coming on, but still not finished. Sigh. We're hoping for the end of this week.

KEZZIE - The aubergine dish was lovely. Rather like  Imam Bayaldi but without stuffing it inside cooked aubergines, but having the aubergines mixed in.

BEVCHEN - Thank you for the German translation! And yes, 200 cards is a bit daunting!!

The "after" photos of the bathroom will arrivbe - when it's finished!!


  1. Busy bee! You'll get those cards finished. What a big job!

  2. Looking forward to the bathroom photos xx


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