And the News Hadlines are...

I really should be working, preparing for lessons, but I'm aware that I haven't called in for over a week. So here's an update:

1) We're fine

2) The bathroom is still unfinished. However Adal has said that he won't be charging for the extra work that he had to do. We are relieved that it didn't get nasty. It is just S-L-O-W!! It's looking nice, but there still seems to be loads to do, as Adal only seems to work 2 days a week. 

Reading back over my last few posts, I notice that I continually write "we hope it will be finished by the end of next week." This time, I'll just say We hope it will be finished SOON! 🙀

3) Thanksgiving dinner at church yesterday was good. It is an occasion when other Americans who are not a part of the church come to share food and fellowship. Those who are away from their home, their families for the first time, and who want to celebrate Thanksgiving with their compatriots. The chef at the local primary school prepares the food, and although this year wasn't as good as past years, it was still delicious.

4) We haven't sold the car yet. Luckily, as the bank loan was approved we can now pay the workmen for doing the bathroom, rather than depoending on the money from the sale of the car. It is partly our fault as we've not pushed it aggressively enough. We've had a couple of people show an interest, but noone has actually come to see it yet. It will happen...

5) Food has been good. I made a really yummy meatloaf last week, from this recipe. I also made a nice lamb-and-vegetable dish 

I added the remains of a butternut squash/chorizo/chickpea tagine whizzed up to make a sauce which added to it, I think. We are having the leftovers tonight, with rice.

6) The butcher at Carrefour is Fabulous! He has continued to be generous (link to a post at The Teapot)Which has meant that the Poor Cats have been getting meaty goodness three times a week. I went last night and the other person who feeds them had left mashed potatro. They had nibbled the edges but weren't keen...But when I mixed in the meaty stew I'd cooked up from the butcher's off-cuts they were a lot keener! He has given me some really good stuff - proper meaty bits! 

7) I've made 173 of the Bishop's Christmas cards. Unfortunately, I look at some of them and think "these are too hand-made!" I haven't been careful enough cutting the paper (very wobbley) or glueing the piece onto the card. I really can't quite see how I thought some of them were acceptable! So I think I need to make another 50 - I should be able to manage it by the deadline which is next Sunday, as long as I work most of Saturday! It's been a drag, and I rather wish I hadn't agreed, but equally, it is for a good charity (Phone Credits for Refugees) so that's good.

8) Work is pootling on. I've got lots of work (though a day off tomorrow, as my usual students are unavailable) This gives me a chance to go shopping in Roanne & to finish any planning I don't get done today. Mr FD is also working - still temporary, still don't know how long for, but it's looking more likely it will continue into 2017, which is nice. 

So thank you for popping in. It's been nice to have a catch up! Hopefully it won't be so long next time!


  1. Glad you are fine and that you don't have to pay to rectify the bathroom - result!!

  2. The Thanksgiving dinner at church is such a nice event. That fat cat is cute!

  3. Wishing you Enthusiasm and Energy for your Episcopal Endeavours!!
    love and blessings

  4. Glad you're fine! I missed the post about the butcher - it didn't appear in my reader even though I was SURE I had followed your other blog?! Grumble, grumble, Wordpress, grumble, grumble.


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