Washing the blues away (in a soon-to-be new bathroom!)

Oh goodness me! Aren't you lot just lovely?! The number of encouraging comments really helped to cheer me up.

The weather helps too. Today is a cold but crisp, sunny day. I also don't have any lessons planned - it's a bit of a pain, in a way, because of course, no lessons = no pay. But at least I am not losing money, as my Tuesday contracts are for a specific number of hours. So, if I don't have the lessons this week, I'll have them next week...it's more irritating when it's an on-going contract, as then I just lose on the money completely.

We are a little inquiet on the money front - not worried exactly, but not completely happy. We are having our bathroom renovated next week...by now we should have sold the car to pay for the work, and the fittings, tiles etc. However, nobody has shown any interest in our dear little Fiat - perhaps it's priced too high, or perhaps it's advertised in the wrong place. Whatever it is, nobody has called about it. So we may end up with slight cash flow problems - we have the money in the UK, but don't want to bring it across, with the exchange rate so crappy, Mr FD & I have our pay from October (not very much, as he'll only have worked 2 weeks) or September (mine is always one month in delay)  to come as well, so the money is due to arrive...We're just not totally sure when!

We had to buy new things too - the toilet, and basin are being replaced,  so they needed buying, as did the radiator and the new tiles. It was an expensive day!! We bought the basin and drawer unit in Ikea, and the other stuff in Roanne. I'd been nagging gently sugesting to Mr FD that we go and buy the tiles for about three weeks, but he had always put it off. This Saturday was the last opportunity, and - of course! - we discovered there was a 10 day delay in the delivery. There was major panic, but Adal, our general workman, has assured us that it won't cause a problem. I think the panic over the possible problem was one reason why I was grumpy. The radiator was a bargain (at 169€ it was much cheaper & carries out the same function as the 600€ one that the electrician kept pushing us to buy!)

 No, not that kind of radiator. Sorry cats!

I know that many of my readers could do most of the renovations themselves and save shedloads of money. However, we know that we are not DIY-ers. We hate it, and are rubbish at it, and - as we are both working at the moment - have decided that we do not want to spend our weekends doing something we both dislike. So we're paying workmen to come & do it for us. Yes, they are charging quite a high price, but - for anyone who has tried to get workmen in France - the fact that the "main man" is an acquaintance counts for a lot. I know where he lives, I see him regularly at dance group, and he is reliable . Also, the three workmen work as a team, so they have co-ordnated their dates with each other. They are unlikely - as some workmen we know have done - to walk off site, with the job half done, and not return!

So, that's what's happening here. When the bathroom is finished I'll show you, but here are the "Before" pictures:

The bath is coming out completely, and we're having a large shower with a screen going in. The ceiling is being lowered and LEDs put in, plus the new radiator. All pipes boxed in, new tiles (but same colour scheme as our accessories match. And we like it) and - eventually - new lino, as the tiles are cold to the feet. But the lino will wait for a bit longer, so we can get an idea of what colour we want. Probably a very pale colour, as the room is small.

I'm a bit sad that my Grumpy Cat Mood

meant I missed out on a good night out in Roanne with Friend Cathy and her son. There was a Beatles tribute band playing ("The best Beatles tribute band to come out of Serbia" according to the publicity!!) which I'd planned to go to, but being Grumpy merant I cancelled at the last minute. Cathy & Lloyd had a great time, and I sat at home and grumped. That was silly!!

Thank you again for being Lovely Readers. That is what blogging is all about - the support and friendship from people we only know through cyberspace!


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better xx

    Good luck with the bathroom :-)

  2. Uncertainty and money issues are sure downers. I'm glad things are better today!

  3. Your bathroom is going to be so nice!
    I'm glad you're feeling more like your cheerful self.

  4. Glad you are feeling a bit better but sorry that you were worried about money. God will provide- something will come of it I hope!
    By the way, I am SO glad you said that about DIY as CBC and I are HOPELESS at DIY and we don't like the idea of it either!

  5. Glad you are feeling more cheerful. How exciting to get a new bathroom. I look forward to seeing your after photos and hope it all goes smoothly.


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