A bit mibsy.

Blogging (and any kind of) mojo gone AWOL.

Feel grumpy and miserable.

No reason. Just mibsy. Maybe it's the weather which is grey and drizzly and damp.

Hopefully I will be up-and-blogging again soon.

Roast chicken dinner tonight - with parsnips, red cabbage and chicory.

Chicken/veggies/noodles tomorrow.

Something else on Tuesday. Probably mince related. Possibly chicken related. It's a big chicken (Yellow label, reduced by 5€)

Sausage, chips & beans on Wednesday - Mr FD brought some sausages back from the UK.

Off to Munich for the Convocation of the Episcopal Church in Europe on Thursday. Back again on Sunday.

Just for a smile...
Sorry to be a bit bleeurgh.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. You are Nice People.


  1. Wet and cold here today too, proper October weather. Have fun Thursday, sounds like it could be interesting. Your mojo will be back soon I am sure x

  2. Sounds like the weather has got to you......so know thar feeling!
    Wrap up warm for Germany i hear there is snow in the air. Always nice to get away though even if it is just a quick trip.

    Keep well

    Amanda x

  3. An excellent word and a new one on me- mibsy. Hope it all starts picking up for you again soon. Think the change in the seasons can leave many feeling a bit out of sorts or meh as my son would say!

  4. Totally understand the mibsy feeling. Sausages sound good!!!

  5. "And it came to pass." This, too, shall pass. Hang in there!

  6. Perhaps the Munich trip will perk you up. Take care there. xx

  7. Oooh, proper British sausages! I'm not jealous at all ;-)

    I'm off to Germany today until Wednesday, but in my case it's Frankfurt and a seminar on banking.

  8. Aw sorry to read this. Sending gentle comforting hugs xxx

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