Another apology!!


Weekends - and weeks! - are busy, so I don't have time to blog much.

My niece & her new husband are coming for a few days on Wednesday, so I have to fit in a bit of cleaning too - though not as much as when my mum came to stay!!

We're going to have a raclette on Wednesday, go out on Thursday (or maybe have a curry) and then there's a beer festival on Friday evening! Mr FD is off to the UK on Saturday, but I don't know when Rose & David are leaving here to go to Disneyland-Paris.

I'm preaching on Sunday.

Then the week starts again! Still, it's nice to be busy, even though sometimes I feel a bit TOO busy! Here's Pomme being not-at-all busy!


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    1. Indded, lucky Pomme - she's curled up on Mr FD's lap at the moment!!

  2. Enjoy your visitors :-)

    Take a leaf out of your cat's book and relax >^-^<

  3. I'm sure we'll have agood time! And you're right: I should curl up & go to sleep.


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