Quick pic of Bib

I am so sorry, dear people. I have been neglecting you. IThere's no real excuse but I'll explain a bit more over the weekend. In the meantime here's a Kitty Picture:

This is Bib when she was still a young kitten - showing her bitey nature, that she (sadly) hasn't grown out of.

Must dash! I have a lesson to give! (and cat food to buy!)


  1. Aw! Kitten pics! Bib was a cutie and I'm sure STILL is very cute.

  2. Oh look at that darling! I love her cutieness!x

  3. Hello Alison, and thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Yes, Born in 59!!
    A cat lover too.

    I have another blog: http://purelyparchmentcraft.blogspot.co.uk/
    as this is my preferred craft technique.

    i am now a follower of yours xx


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