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Goodness me! Where has this weekend gone?! All the things I'd planned to do and I haven't done half of them (The ironing was one of the pressing things, but somehow I avoided thet...I'll be running out of clothes soon - or just wearing them crumpled!!)

Saturday morning was spent trying to learn about Web Ex - I still am at sea, but I hope I can muddle through my lesson! I sent this to my student:

I am a “techno-idiot” and so anything new on the computer makes me panic!! 

My husband is helping me to set up WebEx on the home computer as I will be teaching you from home, rather than from the ILS office. I hope that by Monday morning I will know what I am doing, but you will have to forgive me if I make mistakes with the application in our first lesson!

Hopefully I will be able to send you a “Meeting Invitation” by Sunday evening!!

He replied (very good for an elementary level, I thought):

I think, you should send meeting invitation just before the lesson  at 7h55.Don’t panic, i’m « english language –idiot…. »each weakness… we are here to learn….

Let's hope so.
Saturday afternoon I cooked a sweet potato, spinach & lentil curry, and a vegetable stew, and a Lentil-Herders' Pie for our friend who is just out of hopspital. I also built a  cat house for the poor cats across the way. I'm rather proud of it, and will show it to you another time.Cardboard boxes, polystyrene ceiling tiles and a big plastic bag. 

This morning I was at church. We had a picnic and silent auction last week, but as a lot of people were involved in a big fun run thingy ("Fun Run" - there's an oxymoron if ever I heard one!!) we carried the auction over this vweek. I'd made several lots:
  • 12 envelopes with a little gift and an encouraging verse, one for each month
  • A box of various little presents - some new, some regifted,some second hand
  • A bag of the same
  • A pretty box with 52 encouraging verses written on
  • A zentangle
  • A pack pof 10 Christmas cards
  • A pack of 10 various cards
Hopefully they will raise lots of money. The 12 envelopes is currently running at 40€...I don't know if they're holding it over for another week.

This afternoon I made lots of Thanksgiving cards. I am going to the Convocation of the Episcopal Church in Europe in a couple of weeks time and would like to be able to sell Thanksgiving & Christmas cards there to raise money for refugees. My niece and here new husband have been volunteering there as part of their "honeymoon" so I'd like to give some money to the charity they've been woorking for.

She recently posted this photo on FB to show the conditrions that the refugees are living in. 

I have a new follower - A big Fat Dormouse Welcome to Alison from Purely Parchment Craft. What lovely cards she makes.

 Food this week....

WARNING: The two links are to a fairly fruity site. If you're not comfortable with "cheeky" humour, you may wish to avoid them. Or scroll quickly down to the recipes!

TODAY: Roast chicken legs, potato gratin, braised endives and carrots.

TOMORROW Pizza Stuffed Meatloaf, potato gratin, veggies

TUESDAY: Buddha Bowl with chicken (not veggie this week!), sweet potato, roasted chilli brocoli (if I can buy some broccoli!), spinach leaves, and a mango dressing.

WEDNESDAY: Pizza Stuffed meatloaf redux, with chippies and baked beans

THURSDAY: Sweet potato & spinach beef bowl

FRIDAY: Turkey escalopes with creole sauce (can't find the recipe now!!)

Thank you everyone for your comments - they are always welcomed.

POMPOM: Your baby Timothy is a delight! You know you're very welcome whatever day you come by!

KEZZIE: I can't help on the squash plant pruining method as it all seemed a bit random. However it has made no difference whatsoever and we have no squashes on the plants!

CONFUZZLED & KEZZIE: As noone else guessed, I will tell you. The dinner was lovely truffade and an Auvergnate dish called Pounti - a kind of meatloaf made with prunes, eggs, lard, chard and bacon. It was nicer than it sounds. And looks.

ARIL & CHERIE: Buddha bowls were new to me too, but we're getting to be fans. Mr FD said rather plaintively "We didn't have a Buddha Bowl this week..." 
Never fear, Mr FD, we have one this week!!

ALISON 59: Welcome. Enjoy the cats! And the menus!!

Well, I'd better go and cook something. Otherwise there'll be no supper for us. And the ironing didn't get done. Maybe tomorrow...


  1. What a noble way to spend their honeymoon. Your lots sound fantastic too- how generous of you!!! x

  2. Yum! I'll come tomorrow night!
    Timothy is squished beside my laptop. He's purring away!


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