Crosses, cats and cooking...

Hello again, dear Peeps. I am sorry I'm not blogging very frequently at the moment.. There's no real reason, save generally being quite busy, but I shoulodn't forget my loyal readers. Thank you for popping by.

The sun is shining today - as yesterday. Yesterday I forced myself to go for a walk - I had bought two delicious cakes, so felt we had to earn them! Mr FD went riding with the club (although he returned 20 minutes later having had leg spasms. He just thinks they were because it was quite chilly, despite the sun. He's gone oput today instead.) I walked for about 7 km which isn't bad for me - my feet and knees were hurting quite a bit at the end, especially on the downhill bits, but I was very glad that I went.

The other thing I did yesterday was finish a Zentangle.
It's for the good folk in the 40 Acts team. I hadn't meant to use colour, but I made a complete hash of the pattern, and it came to me that the gold pen might cover it over; once I'd done gold, it looked daft by itself so I added the silver, and then thought I might as well go the whole hog, so I used the red and green. I'm not sure I prefer it to a monochrome look, but it works for me.

So, food this week has been planned thuswise:

TODAY: Veal stew with some potatoes, and broccoli and green beans.

MONDAY: Lemon & Thyme roasted cod. As Mr FD is fasting (I've rather given up on fasting, I'm afraid!) we may have this with just salad. But possibly with some boiled potatoes too, as his "tank" will be a bit drained from today's ride.

TUESDAY: Pork meatballs -
I'm not using veal in mine, just pork mince. 

I'll be at my dance group tonight, so I try to choose something either slow cooker-y or easyish for Mr FD to cook - not that he is incapable, by any means, but I just want to make life easy for him! I only have one lesson, because it's school holidays, which finishes at 12.30. My dance group starts at 6 pm. I could go home & come back again, but it's 30 minutes each way, and once I was home I'd probably not bother to go back. I was hoping to visit a friend, but she's out for lunch, so I may do a bit of Noz-browsing, then find a sunny spot (if it's sunny!) to relax and read. I might also do a short walk - but if I'm doing the two full dance classes I don't want to exhaust myself beforehand!!

THURSDAY: I had planned Majorcan tumbet - not sure now. We'll see. If we have it, we'll also have a couple of fried eggs with it. I'm teaching in Clermont in the morning and then shopping in Clermont too, as my Roanne student has cancelled his lesson for the next few weeks.

I want to try to find a seamstress who can alter a pair of trousers...I bought an expensive pair of black jeans from Long Tall Sally 4 years ago, when I was at my plumpest. I then lost weight soon after so they have hardly been worn. Rather than buy a new pair of black trousers (which I need) I'm going to pay to have these altered. I know there's one in Clermont so I'll pop there before I compe home on Thursday.

FRIDAY: Orange & Herb chicken, rice and veggies.

 Thank you for your recent comments - sorry (again!) I've not been good at replying!

KEZZIE: I think Danièle liked the book - she said she did, anyway!! It was fun to make, as well.

SWEET POSY DREAMS: The cake not only looked good, it tasted pretty good too!! I hope you ejoy reading the blog, and maybe you can find some links to recipes you like too.

(from the post before last)
ARIL: I also did an Easter swap through a forum (Ship of Fools) but I'm still waiting for my gift....It will be a Pentecostal swap at this rate!!

POMPOM: I thought you might like this week's LolCats - Tabby Road!! (snort) Ialso think you might like this one:

MICHELLE: Glad you liked the Chicken Tangle - I was pleased with it, as was...
BUSY LITTLE CHICKEN - I hope it looks good framed!


  1. Tabby Road, hehe! Just up my street (groan)

  2. Cat seeds! So funny! Have a happy week, friend.

  3. I think the colored cross is just lovely!

  4. Looooooooooooook at the kittieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!
    That cross is exquisite- you are so talented!!!
    The risotto and the meat ball pasta look seriously delicious- hope you enjoy them!x


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