As requested by PomPom: a shopping list.

For some reason, Pompom expressed an interest in seeing people's shopping lists...

Who am I to refuse?!

Here is mine for this week. 

As you can see, it's neatly set out in sections - veggies, fruit, household goods etc. It's a little sparser than usual, as we need to tighten our belts this month - it's thin on the ground work-wise, due to school holidays and students cancelling lessons due to illness (6 hours of lessons cancelled! Ooh, that's going to hurt!) Having said that, I did go to Noz yesterday and buy a load of socks for Socks for Refugees!

The P-G-M in the fruit section is shorthand for "Pineapple, grapefruit, mango" which goes into Mr FD's breakfast fruit salad. The "Sq bread" refers to "square bread" - prepackaged bread I use for toast in the morning. 

And I can spell cat food and cat biscuits, but somehow these two items have evolved their own spellings: "cat fud" and "cat biskits". Who knows why?!

Actually, as I wrote that, I remembered why it became "Cat fud":
From this Gary Larson cartoon.

Speaking of cats, we have had some problems with one of the cats peeing on the stairs, but with 4 in the house we haven't known which cat was the culprit. Mr FD has threatened to buy a motion sensor camera to find out which one it was, but I resisted, thinking of the cost ("Oh they're only about 30€!" he says gaily) Yesterday our friend lent us his super-duper wildlife motion sensor camera, which Mr FD has gleefully spent time adjusting to get the perfect shot of the offending (offended-against?) area. We now wait for the cat to do the business....

Yes...and that's another story, when I start planting up the pots on the balcony. Sigh.


  1. I love family shorthand. "cat fud" is great, and I may use "sq bread" myself sometime now! we have bix, chx and bnz on our lists. When the girls were younger they liked OLP [orange, lemon and pineapple squash] I presume your swich cheese is for sandwiches - but what sort is it? Thanks for showing us the list!!

  2. The only person who can understand my shopping lists other than myself is my husband. My daughter despairs when she goes shopping for me. It is sort of "that nice stuff in a red and white box" descriptions!!! Work....yes I know about that my hours have been cut too due to fiestas ,Easter and more fiestas!!! Tch!!!
    Looking forward to your next post and the evidence on video! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. I organize mine the same way, A! Puddings? In the dairy section?
    Thank you for sharing your list!
    Oh no! Naughty cat! Mr. FD is funny with his spy plan!

  4. Blimey, that list is very organised. I just write things down as I remember them. I am adopting your method from now on. I did write them that way years ago and have no idea why I stopped. Probably because I simply needed pretty much everything when I did the weekly shop so stopped writing lists.


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