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Quick in-and-out today!

Yesterday I prepared 3 of the 4 Christmas swops I'm doing this year. One of them has turned out a lot heavier than I'd planned! Hey-ho! Never mind. I also packed & sent off a parcel of 15 pairs of socks for Socks for Refugees
Why not do the same?

I also made a delicious lasagne from Mary Berry
Easy to make and absolutely delish!!!

No idea what's planned for dinner this week - my planning book isn't here. It's gone walkabout!!

Today I really have to prepare for next week, so this is super quick today. I hope everyone is in good health!

FISHCAKE RANDOM - I've not made my fat bird feeders (or is that bird fat feeders? Or bird feeders made with fat?!) Maybe today if I hurry up with my planning.

MICHELLE - no pressure on the sweet potato bake. But HAVE YOU MADE IT YET?????

KEZZIE I hope you are feeling more energetic now...I'm still a bit bleeugh, as it's grey and mibsy. I'm also getting stressed about Christmas presents not sorted. I must remember that that is not the important stuff. There will be time, if I'm oprganised & don't waste time faffing. But some faff is good for the soul as well!!

POMPOM Looking forward to seeing you when you pop in! You'll always be welcome!

Just a rapid Lolcat and I must get on!


  1. Thanks for all your comments on my blog! I haven't got used to commenting on people's blogs but will now make more effort!! Mags/Boogie :)

  2. That's a funny LOL cat! Mary Berry. I like her. I hope the lasagna is delish!
    Let's go for a coffee this week. My treat. Sending love love love your way, dear mouse from France.

  3. 15 pairs of socks is Very Impressive! I've bought and am handing out wool socks to the Salvation Army bell ringers. Starting today I'm having baked highly seasoned chicken with roasted sprouts, potatoes, celery and onions. Then leftovers throughout the week.

  4. It all sounds rather busy. Make sure you take five minutes for yourself!


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