My Get-up-&-go has Got-up-&-Gone!

Hello all! I had planned to make Christmas cards today to go in the Artisans Craft Shop at the Chateau, but you know, I can't be bothered! I have spent the morning making Christmas Cake (rather belatedly!) and carrot cake for tomorrow. Plus some veggie soup.

 I also battled with some new covers for the sofas...It took me forever to iron the blessed things and then more hours to work out how they fitted on. Especially with "help" from Bib the cat!
They look okay - but nowhere near as neat as this one! - but I think we bought a size too big, so it doesn't quite fit as tightly as it might. We could send them back but actually can't be arsed!! Ours are a nicer teal greeny blue. 

My back hurts a lot today, Mr FD is very stressed (partly due to the joys of French bureaucracy and partly due to his procrastinatory powers, which have meant that the likelihood renewing something that needs to be renewed before the end of 2015 becomes slimmer!) and so we've been a bit snitty with each other. next week is looking like this:
TODAY: spicy chicken stirfry. A Chinese girl at church gave me a jar of spicy Korean marinade - I'd tried it at the Church picnic & really liked it. I'll marinade the chicken in this for an hour, and then stir fry some veggies and we'll have it with ricve.

TOMORROW: It's the annual Church Thanksgiving Lunch. I've made carrot cake to take for dessert. Mr FD will have something from the freezer.

MONDAY: Ostrich steaks, chips, some kind of veggies. Green beans, I think.

TUESDAY: Duck breast (save the fat! I want to use it to make bird feeders!), potatoes and veggies.

WEDNESDAY: Lamb with spinach & yoghurt. (from the old Crockpot cook book) It's a lamb-and-spinach stew cooked in the slow cooker. Nothing out of this world! I'll spice it up a bit with some garlic and worcester sauce! I'll prepare it before I leave for my day teaching in Roanne so it will be ready when I get back from dancing.

THURSDAY: Fresh pasta, lardons, mushrooms, pesto. Dead quick after shopping.

FRIDAY: Somerset Stew with sausages, and fewer beans but added butternut squash! Sounds good and warming.

SATURDAY: Pork chop from Sorted- sounds delicious!
We've got a bit of snow today -  a real shock after high temperatures (for November!) of 18°C. I hjope we won't get more before tomorrow.

As always, thank you for your lovely comments!

POMPOM liked the look of last Tuesday's dinner - it was only left overs, but it was very nice! 

KEZZIE gave me some suggestions for dies for my Big Shot - thank you too for the link to the site, Kezzie! Like Kezzie, I'm aware that I need to try to use the craft-stash things I've got before buying more!

JANE-&-CHRIS: Thank you for your comment about the cards (and Pompom & Kezzie too!) You're right about how we should react to terrorists...although it's easier said than done, at the moment! The Fete de la Lumière and the Christmas Market have both been cancelled in Lyon, which is a great shame, but I can understand that people just would not feel safe - and a big open, public gathering like that would be impossible to police successfully.

TRISH has made a similar point. I keep thinking back to the IRA situation in the 80s - at least they gave a warning, most times. It was disruption rather than killing. 

MICHELLE: How did the squash bake go? Mr FD cooked it with a few minor modifications and it was very nice!


  1. Funny enough I've been saving the fat for the birds. We're going to make a bird seed wreath to hang in the tree outside.
    X x

  2. Haven't had a chance to make it yet; maybe tomorrow!

  3. Oooh, your food always makes me very excited to see and hear about it!!!! Mmmmm!!! My get up and go has also exited the building!x

  4. Hi Mouse! You'd better pick up another ostrich steak. I'll be there on Monday.
    Oh my goodness! A basket of kittens! Be still my heart!
    I hope you are feeling spry and peppy by now.


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