Fish fingers and custard? Not tonight!

Hello dear Peeps! Thank you for your good wishes/comments yesterday. The vertigo continues to improve, being better in the afternoon than the morning, and things here in the Dormousehold are generally good.

 Mr FD is currently working part-time back at Sh-Carrefour, where he was last year. This is because the guy who had taken over as manager got fed up of waiting for our friend Gilles to retire as owner, and walked out, taking his girlfriend-assistant with him. Gille's girlfriend Sylvie gave up her job to take over as manager, but needed Mr FD's computer skills + shelf-stacking at least at the present time. This is good for us, as, while I have 240 hours of work between now and Christmas it doesn't begin to kick in until the beginning of October. Without Mr FD's paycheck this month could be a bit thin-on-the-ground. I am grateful for God's provision.

Food last week was a bit hit-and-miss, as I wasn't up to cooking between Sunday and Tuesday, and rather uninterested after that! Still, Butternut  Boulangère Baked Chicken was simple and enjoyable. It was from a series in Good Housekeeping which trumpeted the fact that all the recipes only needed 5 ingredients. A bit of a gimmick though I think, as I had the feeling that it could have done with something else. Not sure what though!

1 butternut squash
Small bunch of thyme
400 ml chicken stock
4 chicken breasts
350g goats cheese (I used soft garlic/herb cheese as Mr FD considers goat's cheese to be the food of the Devil)

1. Peel, dessed & slice the squash. Reserve the seeds (I didn't)
2. Layer the slices in a baking dish. Scatter the thyme leaves & seasoning. Pour over the chicken stock. Roast for 15 mins at 200°C
3. Make a pocket in each chicken, breast & put the cheese in the pocket. Rub chicken breasts with oil.
Put the chicken breasts on top of the squash. Sprinkle with the seeds.
4. Cook for a further 30 minutes or so. Serve.

We had this with some baked potato and braised endives.

This week's meals are planned thuswise:

TONIGHT: Chorizo One Pot - another 5 ingredient recipe. However we are being tempted away from this towards pizza from the van. Supporting local enterprises, don't you know?! All the ingredients are tinned/preserved so nothing will be wasted through not being used.

SUNDAY: Church picnic/barbecue. I've gone mad and bought a steak, which I will put in a bag with a marinade. I've also made coleslaw to take and a white chocolate and ginger cheesecake. 
Mr FD can have his steak with coleslaw, salad and chips (He won't come to the picnic). I have prepared 3 small cheesecakes for his puds through the week.

MONDAY: Thai chicken with coriander coconut rice

TUESDAY:  Pasta/aubergine/courgette bake-y thing. Possibly in the slow cooker. Possibly made up on the spur of the moment. I've not really thought it through!

Mr FD will prepare this (or maybe I'll have time to do it before I head down to Roanne for a day of teaching/dancing. I missed dancing last week, thanks to a spinning head. I ought to try to do some revision on the dances we did (although there's a fair chance we won't do them again!) One had the very bizarre name of "Bottle Your Crazy Up" I am often called upon to translate the titles into French; I failed with this one as it makes no sense in English!

THURSDAY: Quick bacon/mushroom/pesto pasta when we get back from teaching/shopping. We do the Lidl shop together, then Mr FD gets the other stuff in big Carrefour while I teach Adal. Who is lovely, but really not at all academic. He is willing, but has struggled with the presentsimple for a year. Sigh.

FRIDAY: The rest of the lamb pilaf, I think.

As always...
... for your comments. 
They are always appreciated!

POMPOM, KEZZIE & ARIL commented on the Bosworth Jumbles that I made. They weren't bad, and although I made a lot they disappeared fairly rapidly. I didn't take a photo of my "drizzled" with chocolate ones (well, blobbed might be a batter word!) as they weren't very photogenic!

TRISH asked if the ribs turned out okay...Yes! I really liked them; although Mr FD declared them as "orangey" he didn't really elaborate as to whether that was a bad thing or not!

POMPOM offered advice on essential oils for vertigo - frankincense and peppermint. I realised afterwards that I certainly had some frankincense from my Christmas essential oils that I didn't use much of last year. Never mind! 

KEZZIE: Our tortillas were nice - but, as usual, I didn't make the chilli mix spicy enough. I always forget to taste stuff as it's cooking, so it's too late to find out it's not spicy enough when we're eating it!
not my chilli, I'm afraid!

VINTAGE MAISON - I can't believe your house smells cat-pissy! Not with all those lovely linens and things. We have found a spray at Carrefour which seems to be the most successful at deterring them, but we need to remember to spray the stairs where they pee at regular intervals.

POMPOM - see! There are disadvantages to cute kittens!

Mr FD is watching the Rugby World Cup.Oh good. Several weeks of rugby to look forward to. (said in slightly fed up tones) Never mind. Doctor Who starts tonight!!

Oh my! David Tennant AND a cat. Be still my beating heart!

 If you're not a Doctor fan you won't understand this one!

I hope you all have a good week. Enjoy your food! Enjoy your friends!


  1. Oh the kitties! So sweet!
    I think I'll come over for dinner on Thursday this week.

  2. In.relation to your last picture, you have to.come and see my TARDIS Tuesday! What did you.think of Doctor Who? I thought it was brilliant and shocking!x

  3. That Thai chicken looks Amazing!! I do like chicken!!! Glad you feel a bit better too!!x

  4. Sorry to hear about your vertigo but I'm glad it's improving. I get it mildly from time to time but I just have to be careful how quickly I get out of bed! X

  5. Thank-you for sharing your blessings and answers to prayer so we can all rejoice and have our faith strengthened!


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