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A great big fat Dormouse Bonjour et Bienvenue to  my 129th Follower, Vintage Maison,who has a lovely blog full of Frenchy vintage-y stuff. If I was anything like houseproud I would be buying lots of things from her to pretty up our house. Instead it's a rather messy, untidy home (which smells faintly of cat pee as one, two, three or ALL of the cats are rubbish at using the litter trays. But maybe you don't want to know that!)

(not quite that bad!)

 I am typing this with Bib sleeping on my left arm. I feel guilty when I need to type a capital letter! Pomme is sleeping on the amplifier at my feet - because it's warm!

I just thought I'd pop in to update you on my health - thank you for your concern. There's a full update over at The Teapot where you can also see lots of cards that I've made recently.

I hope to blog my menus as usual tomorrow. Now I'd better go and make my messy house a tad less messy by vacuuming and washing the kitchen floor. We have vegetarian chilli tonight, with tortillas, avocado, grated cheese and creme fraiche. It's already cooking in the slow cooker and I'm right looking forward to it! 

 Mind you, I think ours will be a lot sloppier than this neat looking tortilla!



  1. Mmm, that DOES loook nice, I'm sure yours is just as nice! So nice to welcome new bloggers like that- I should do the same, courtesy costs nothing!x

  2. Hi Mouse! Our Kelli's cats have been doing similar things. Naughty!
    I will pop over to the teapot and see what else is going on with you. Your dinner does look good as usual!

  3. Aha! Another home that smells of cats' pee! Oh, good, ours isn't the only one then...and thanks for the lovely welcome! x


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