First Foray into breadmaking... unmitigated disaster!!

I had read about slow cooker bread, so attempted to make it. There were several contradictory recipes on t'internet, so I kind of mixed them up. (Possibly first error)

I used bread flour plus baker's yeast. Following the instructions on the back of the bread flour I mixed the flour, yeast, salt and water. While kneading, I read the back of the yeast packet which said I should have mixed the yeast with milk and left it to ferment for 10 minutes before use. (Possibly second error)

I put the bread in the slow cooker on "low" and after about half an hour went back to see what was going on. Yipee! It's rising beautifully! Switched onto "Auto" then after 10 minutes changed my mind and switched to "high" (possibly 3rd error)

Went back after about an hour - Opened lid to have ca look (Possibly 4th error) But, all looking good. The edges are starting to bake/become crisp, the top is becoming more breadlike, the rise is good. After another hour I went back - opened lid again, and the centre had dropped - or did it drop when I opened the lid? Started to look stodgey...

Removed and put into mini-oven for 20 minutes. (Possibly 5th error)
Took it out when browned. Cut open and had a slice (definitely an error - I have a lump of it stuck in my gullet!!) Stodgey, looking most unappealing.

We now have a lot of breadcrumbs to use up, and no bread for lunch!!

Paul Hollywood would definitely be very disappointed in me!

I'm not sure whether to try again or not! Any advice from better breadmakers than I?


  1. Oh sorry, I did giggle all the way through as you made your possible errors. Still, at least you can have another go. I've never made bread in a slow cooker, I have a breadmaker which I use to make the dough then I turn it out, divide in to breadcakes and bake in the oven. Have you tried No Knead Bread? That's so easy to make and tastes delicious.

  2. I've made my own bread for as long as I can's really easy...honestly.The trick is not to let it know that you are afraid!
    Jane x

  3. If I want bread in a hurry (otherwise, I make my whole grain/flax four-loaf batch), I use a quick and easy French bread recipe. I don't think it would be any more work than the slow-cooker one, and no disasters. My 13-year-old son made it last. Here:

  4. Oh dear! I've only made it once and it was a disaster!x

  5. You can toast it and it'll, probably, be all right. Certainly worth a try.

  6. Well at least you tried. Practice makes perfect and so on and so forth x x


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