Yes, I'm still alive!

Sorry, sorry, sorry dear Peeps! I had all good intentions of blogging on Tuesday, but I had a preaching appointment (for this Sunday) sprung upon me, so I wanted to get that under my belt. It's a good job I did, as I found it a bit of a struggle, to be honest! I finally found an old sermon - last preached in 2001 - that gave me a springboard for the rest of it! I'll post the sermon on The Teapot tomorrow, if you're interested (it may be my Pause In Lent contribution!) but I thought Mags and her Rend afficianados might like to know that I'm hoping to play one of their songs during the maybe we'll get some more fans!

"Create in me a clean, clean heart"

Several of this week's meals were focussed around ham, as we had the ham last Sunday. It really was delicious, and I'm thinking I may go back to Ikea to buy one more before stocks run out - they were Christmas hams,already boiled, just needing a 30-40 minute roast to be truly scrummy. They had a use by date of May 2015, so they will need getting rid of shortly! 

This week may be focussed around a joint of pork that I'm cooking tomorrow. I'm hoping on two meals (for two) plus small leftovers to supplement aanother meal. It rather depends on how much the joint shrinks during cooking!

TODAY: Scouse, leftover from last month's Pot Luck Supper. I may (if I can be bothered!) make pickled red cabbage. Otherwise I may just make braised red cabbage to go with it.

SUNDAY: Roti de porc aux pommes This wasn't the recipe I was planning...but it might be now!!

with red cabbage and some carrots.

MONDAY: Asparagus risotto (from a packet mix!) with cold pork.

TUESDAY:Fasting: Red bean and mushroom burgers, with lots of salad, and maybe some pork.

WEDNESDAY: Rougail de saucisses - which is a slightly curried tomato-and-sausage stew. I'll prep this on Tuesday and Mr FD can just heat it up in the evening. I'll be out dancing.

We learned two new dances (can't remember their names!) in the 2nd (Improvers) group last week - I was very pleased that I picked them up quite well. There are two other dances I can't get my head round though - Celtic Kittens (now renamed Septic Kittens as I really hate it for its nifty footwork that I can't do!) and "Just Add Moonlight"...That one is less tricky but I need to put in some work on it this afternoon.

I bought these boots last week which do look a bit clunky for dancing in, but actually they're great! I know they're not cowboy boots, but with my dodgy feet I can't do pointy cowboy type boots. These are so comfy and slightly slippy, so I felt great dancing in them on Wednesday. Mine are in silver rather than bronze.

THURSDAY: Chorizo, potato and Spinach bake - basically, chop up some new potato type potatoes (firm flesh) and par boil. Slice up about 100g chorizo plus cut an onion into wedges and a thickly cut red pepper. Mix together & cook in oven for about 20 minutes or so. Throw in a few cherry tomatoes, should you feel so inclined. Then either wilt some fresh spinach, or defrost some frozen spinach. Mix everything together. Make sure it's all piping hot and serve. We'll probably have this with some frozen mixed vegetables.

I'm trying hard to up my vegetable/fruit intake, by making sure that we have a side serving of veggies no matter how many vegetables are in the main dish. So although yesterday's lentil shepherd's pie had carrots, tomatoes, lentils, spinach and leeks in, I also had a serving of mixed veggies. Lidl sell good packs of microwaveable vegetables like this:

Very convenient and quick to prepare - and not too expensive. They were selling at under 1€ last week.
I'm also adding 4 dried apricots and a handful of nuts to my breakfast. I've reduced my fruit juice intake, and now have about half-and-half juice and water, which I find fine. In fact straight juice tastes too strong now! With a vegetable soup at lunch time and an apple too I'm not doing too badly!

FRIDAY:Fasting:  Southern Style Rice, with a little bit of added chorizo - and vegetables!

I haven't been weighing myself for ages, so I don't know how much weight I've lost doing 5:2, but I do know that my "aspirational jeans" (which are a small size 16) are almost all-day-wearable. That is to say, I can get them on, I can zip them up, I can bend down in them, but after a couple of hours they feel a bit uncomfortable!  But having said that, another pair of size 16 jeans are too loose around the waist (it's my tummy that causes the problems, not my waist!) so I am feeling happy to continue with 5:2 as I am pretty sure it's working. It would work even better if I didn't have wine and chocolate on non-fasting days, but hey! There you go!

Talking about jeans...
Is there anyone out there who would be interested in buying a pair of black jeans size 20. I bought them when I was at my biggest, and they have hardly been worn, but now they do just fall down. They are very good quality BUT unless you are 6 foot, you would need to take up the legs, as I bought them at Long Tall Sally. If you're interested (or know anyone who might be), let me know in the comments section and we can negotiate!!

As usual thank you for your comments...

 Lots of you commented on my exploits at the Post Office! It seems that all over the world The Evil  Slot of Package Measuring is becoming common! I'm definitely going to have to learn to find thin, light things to send for swaps. I don't want to stop doing them, but I am going to have to curtail my random purchasing, and think more cleverly. Christmas will be fun!!

I haven't forgotten about the scarf giveaway...I bought a new one (NO!!!) when I was shopping for my boots, so I will get round to sorting them out soon - promise! Of course, scarves are quite flat so postage shouldn't be too bad! (I hope!!)

I hope everyone has a good week, full of good food, good friends and good times. thank you all for visiting. Do let me know if you try any of the recipes - and what you thought of them.


  1. I wish we ate pork, that all looks delicious. Have a nice week-end Doormouse and congratulations on your weightloss; I know fully well that it is soooo difficult and I'm not doing as well as you ! I wonder if I could keep up that 5:2 ratio ? xx

  2. congrats on your weight loss from me as well. As always it all looks yummy.

  3. Mmmmm, all sounds delish!!! They had ham joints in Lidl the other day here. Well done on the jeans, that's great!!! You're doing well.x x

  4. I think the boots are perfect! And love the LOLcats....

  5. Cool boots! I love the roasting kitty!

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