Food is an important part of a balanced diet*

* according to Fran Lebowitz. You can't argue, really, can you...?!

Hello, hello dear Readers! I hope you are all well! We have been basking in very mellow temperatures today (and yesterday too) which has meant going out without a coat for the first time in yonks. Driving to church today I almost felt spring had arrived - there is certainly that slightly fuzzy green look on the trees, and there have been one or two intrepid spring flowers poking their heads up. FINALLY! Although I do know that March can be like a false lover, as someone said, and can be faithless and suddenly change, so I won't get too excited yet!

We had very nice fish cakes yesterday, with a spicy mayonnaise, wedges and salad. I, however, did not thread them onto lemongrass stalks, but plonked them on the plate! The presentation may not have been great, but the taste was!

TODAY: I bought some sprouts (yuckity yuck!) for Mr FD in the market on Thursday, so he will be having sprouts. I will also let him have some of my roast beef, yorkshire pud, broccoli, carrots and roast potatoes! (If he's good...!)

MONDAY: Cold beef, chips and baked beans. 

TUESDAY (fasting): Marinated beef and vegetable stirfry This will use the rest ofthe beef up, so it won't quite be the same recipe.I'm not sure if the marinade would "take" on cooked beef. Still, on verra I'm using red cabbage too, as I have half a one to use up, so it will be quite a dark dish!

WEDNESDAY: Chicken in cider This is a Nigel Slater recipe that we had over Christmas - very delicious. Mr FD will be down at Alison's, giving her a lesson in how to use her new phone & I will get back late from dancing. I can prep this before I go (several cancelled lessons on Wednesday morning) so he can just pop it in the oven on a lowish heat. We'll have it with bread.

THURSDAY: I'm out for lunch in Clermont - I'm going down with Alison as I have an opthamologist appointment. Then we'll look around the shops and have lunch out. What fun! Mr FD will have a pasta/chorizo/vegetable combo for dinner (did I buy any chorizo?!) while I'll just have soup.

FRIDAY (fasting): Spinach, sweet potato and lentil curry On Fasting days I really enjoy something spicy and I think this will hit the spot!  It will be prepped before I go to Roanne teaching/shopping and won't take long to heat up when I get back. If I can find some naan or pita bread we'll have one with it.

Here is a stylish cat in a scarf. I am giving away scarves...If you'd like one,(a scarf that is, not a cat wearing a scarf. SORRY PomPom!!) then do please feel free to pop over here and sign up...You've got at least another week.

Thank you, as always for your comments. They truly are appreciated!

SANDRA: I think you should try the pannetone pudding - it's even better than plain old bread-and-butter pudding (well, I think so!)

ANGELA & MAGGIE - did you try the recipes? Did you like them? Did you? Did you?! (Actually, I don't suppose Ang was doing any cooking after her nasty fall! Maybe when it's better...!) And Maggie: if I can find blue, blue it is!

POMPOM: I think Graany does need a kitten...but there is that awkward problem of allergies. Could you go to your local shelter and cuddle some kittens for a while? I used to do that. 
Would you like another scarf? Let me know!
FISHCAKE RANDOM - what cake did you make? I meant to make one this weekend but never got round to it.

MARIA: Now you know about scouse day you'll have to try making it!!

GILL: the place is set for you. See you soon!

JOY: I am sure I can find a scarf for you!

MICHELLE: Garlic bread is thought of as Italian/French in the UK too, but I know that many Brits think it's a French thing. 

KEZZIE: You may have many scarves...but would you like another?

Have a lovely week, dear Peeps. Don't forget, I may not be posting here, but I am posting most days over at The Teapot.

Okay, okay...Cute Cats overload. Stop NOW!!!



  1. You can never have an overload of cute cats ! And another thing : how can you not love Brussel sprouts ? They are so lovely ... It's very warm up in Paris too; something to enjoy as apparently, we'll all have rain next week ! xoxo

  2. Hi Mouse! LOVE the kitties. Yes, I can go to our girls' houses and cuddle cats. I do that, but it would be so nice to have my own little mouser.
    Thank you for being so generous with your scarf supply. I must say no because I have too many myself. I will take a kitten though if you can manage.
    Your meals sounds delish as always! I'm sort of embarrassed to tell you that we are having chili burgers for dinner! Sending friendship your way, sweetie pie!

  3. I will pass this week as I too hate sprouts and am not a fan of curry!!!! Mind you I may pop by the other days, I'll call first!!!

  4. Love those cats! :) The chicken in cider sounds delicious. I think I'll have to try that.


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