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You can read more over at The Teapot.
Usually I join in with Floss's Pause in Advent, but Real Life has taken over for Floss and she hasn't time to host it this year. As I often struggled to know what to blog about, I hope this will give me some good prompts. I will be blogging about my responses at The View from the Teapot Maybe you will join me.

We have had a good week, except for A's father's death (see previous post). We were particularly happy to welcome Steve for a few days. Steve & Cathy were good friends here, with a holiday house they were renovating. Unfortunately their marriage broke down, and while we have still seen lots of Cathy, as she got the house here in St Just in her divorce settlement, we lost contact with Steve. However this weekend he came out with a car for Jean & Claire (Steve is a garage owner) and with him came his new partner and their toddler son. It was lovely to meet them, and I'm happy to say that I found her easy to get on with. It's good that we are able to move on from the stickiness. Mind you, I can't wait until Cathy comes out again!!

We had a meal at a mutual friends' house on Friday - I fasted until dinnertime, but then it all went pear shaped!! We had smmoked trout paté in smoked trout parcels with salad (my contribution), followed by endives wrapped in ham in a cheese sauce. Then cheese and finally apple tart. Very nice!

More and more, I am finding that after a heavy meal the evening before, I don't want breakfast, so yesterday I just had an apple and a Danacol yoghurt...but dinner was lush!

 I made the Hairy Dieter's Lamb Dhansak from their new recipe book. It was fabulous! I added some spinach, so I guess it was a Lamb Saag Dhansak, but whatever it was, we really enjoyed it. I can't freeze the leftovers, because it had butternut squash in, and the spinach was frozen, so I think this might become what Frugal Queen calls "Ding Cuisine" for tomorrow - but I might root out some naan breads from the freezer, rather than have rice. I think there's some naans in the freezer...I think I might have to do a freezer audit this afternoon, as I have to try to find room for a turkey roast, stuffed with mushrooms, and two ostrich steaks which I bought in Lidl on Friday.

Today we're having a proper roast dinner with a good big chicken that I bought in Lidl. Red Label, so it wasn't cheap - Red Label is the closest I've found to "outdoor, humanely reared" - but it's a good big size. I should get three meals out of it, plus stock. I found some parsnips, so we'll have roast potatoes, & roast parsnips, carrots and broccoli. Miam-miam!

MONDAY: Ding Cuisine Lamb Dhansak. If there are no naans in the freezer, I'll make these flat breads - very easy and very good!


TUESDAY: (fasting) Chicken Stir Fry - with veggies from the freezer, + more fresh veggies too. Some noodles and chilli sauce.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken-and-chorizo pasta bake. Prepped on Tuesday so Mr FD only needs to stick it in the oven. I'm Line dancing on Wednesday evening...struggling to keep up with all the new dances being thrown at me!


THURSDAY: Sausages (from the UK) with roasted ratatouille (roast veggies, really!) and potato wedges.

FRIDAY: Hairy Dieters' Quick Cod and Prawn Gratin - again prepped ahead of time, so Mr FD pops it in the oven, as I'm out teaching till 7.30


As usual, I thank you for your lovely comments. It's great to hear from you.

KEZZIE: Thank you for your kind comment about the zentangled cards (and for your lovely card which I received during the week!) They seemed quite popular at church. I'm thinking of designing some Christmas cards next!  Sad face :-( about your card making magazines though!

JANE: Just for you!

MAGGIE: I didn't get to have the lemon chicken this time - the best laid plans of ( Fat Dor-) mice and men...But it looks good and simple, so I think it will appear again soon!

POMPOM: I really like the Hairy Dieter books - but if you're trying to eat less meat, they're not so good! I find that the majority of their recipes are based round meat. But then, they're two blokes who love their meat, so they have tried to create a way of cooking and eating that allows them to eat what they love but in a healthier way! And it certainly seems to have worked for them!

That's all for today, folks, but look out for a post on 11th November, either here or at the Teapot. I have a lovely, moving song to share with you.


  1. Hi Mouse! I'll have to explore the advent endeavor. It sounds cool! I think I shall order the Hairy Dieter books. I think Bill would like the recipes.
    Take care, good friend!


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