Goodness me, where does the time go?!

17h03 on Sunday evening and I haven't had time to blog this weekend!!

Where does the time go?

As the old saying goes: Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. (I looked for a picture of fruit flies, but they all made me feel a bit itchy!) So here's a rather nice clock instead...


What did we do this weekend? Mundane tasks really- cleaned the litter trays, made soup, did a bit of cleaning, did my ironing, caught up with "Coronation Street" (so - not just "not having time"!), had a cup of coffee with a friend who popped round, sorted out cards to sell at church and finish a Zentangle for someone at church.And my favourite monthly task - calculating my bills and sending them all out. That is what took a lot of Saturday morning, if I'm honest - as well as some of this afternoon. Sigh.

Anyway, food this week isn't very exciting, I'm afraid.

YESTERDAY: Shepherd's Pie with broccoli

TODAY: Ostrich stroganoff (I bought some ostrich steaks in Lidl.) with rice and mange touts.


How could I? Look at those beautiful eye-lashes!!

MONDAY: "Ding" cuisine with the shepherd's pie plus some roasted veggies from the freezer to pad it out.

TUESDAY: Hairy Dieter's lamb, spinach and potato curry. Because there are potatoes in the curry it doesn't need rice. We'll probably have dollops of yoghurt mixed with mango chutney though.

WEDNESDAY: Gammon steaks (brought back from the UK, and in the freezer) with macaroni-and-broccoli-cheese. I'm late in from dancing and Mr FD goes to see friends for a dtink, so this will just need to be popped in the oven as I'll prep it on Tuesday (I think I'll have time between planning and lessons)

THURSDAY: Chicken-and-cashew stir fry. Maybe with a bit of rice.

FRIDAY: Can't remember! Something fairly quick-and-easy, I would imagine.Probably not fasting, but not eating too much! No snacks today, but maybe some breakfast!

Mr FD is in hospital on Thursday for a hernia operation, so - depending on his desire to eat food on Thursday evening - we may have the stirfry on Friday and I'll just have something on Thursday evening that I've thrown together...There's always pasta-veggies-and-cheese, if nothing else!

POMPOM & KEZZIE: I had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, and thank you for your good wishes.

Lots of you commented on my Freezer audit - it has been very useful as I've been eating out of it quite a lot these past two weeks. There's still a lot in there, but I'll need to do a refill soonish. I'll probably nip into Lidl next Friday with a freezer bag and penguins after my lesson. 

In case you're wondering, when I talk about penguins I mean these:

not these:

I think that when mum first bought some ice packs the brand name was "Penguin" and so we've called them that ever since! 

And where would we be without a LOLcat to finish with:



  1. I hope Mr FD's op goes OK. Mum's staying with me and I showed her your zentangling. We're both amazed by it. We had been discussing colouring books for grown ups.

  2. I wish I could empty the freezer! Keep forgetting! x

  3. Hmmm... I've had an ostrich burger before but it never dawned on me to cook it myself! Might have to give it a go :)

  4. Shepherds pie is one of my favourites but I've never tried ostrich! Love the cat/penguin pic! X


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