As a life goes so another comes: the circle continues.

This week has been a fairly normal week - going to work, coming home, watching TV, enjoying good food. We had good news on Wednesday (Bonfire Night) - I have become a Great Aunt!
My niece gave birth to a litle girl who has been named Lydia Florence. The proud Grandfather sent a photo which I'd love to share - but, what with t'internet being a public forum and all that, I feel uncomfortable doing.

I found this little outfit in Noz
so that has been sent off, together with a dou-dou which is so-o-o soft and cosy.
and a couple of pairs of cosy socks. I have to say that there are some wonderful baby clothes, and I have been particularly tempted by this range
With the kitty on it is so sweet!!

So a joyful week in our household.

Not so for my friend Alison, whose father died unexpectedly on Thursday: He had had a heart attack but was expected to make a full recovery. She had flown over to the UK to see him, but he died before she could speak to him.

Please, I ask you to remember her and her family in your prayers.


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    1. How right you are. It doesn't make it any easier though, does it?

  2. Hi. Congratulations on the new relative and commisserations on the friend's Dad. X

    1. Thank you. There's not much more to say really, is there?

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your niece's little girl. I love the names. X

    1. I think they're lovely too. Florence was Ruth's mum's middle name. She died young, when Ruth was only 13, so it's lovely that she is remembered in this way.


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