Remember me?!

Yes, I'm back...I spent 7 weeks in the UK, mostly working, but some relaxing, and then 5 days back in France with my Godson staying. Today is reallythe first day I've had to myself  since I don't know when!

My working time was great - I was working with the Kids Department (6 - 9 year olds) and I had a very enjoyable time. We went out to lots of different places - the Science Museum, the Hawk Conservancy Trust, various wildlife and farm parks, and some theme parks too - as well as doing some "cooking" (peppermint creams, chocolate crispy cakes, chocolate truffles - nothing that actually needed a cooker!), a nature walk and lots of craft. Plus learning some English along the way! I was very glad that I went back this year, as I had had some doubts about going, because I had a fantastic time.

Every Thursday the Kids Dept teachers would sneak off to the pub...partly to make sure that David, our Head of Dept got a break. But partly to enjoy some socialising together as well. On our last Thursday we decided to have a meal as well, so here we are enjoying venison burgers at the delightful pub, The Pot Kiln.

It was good to have the chance to catch up with my mum as well. After my 5 weeks working I travelled up to Liverpool to see her. We went out for a couple of meals - once to the Salt House Tapas bar in Liverpool One

We enjoyed the food, especially the goats' cheese served with honey, but decided it wasn't as good as another Tapas bar in Liverpool, called Lunya.

I visited friends in Milton Keynes, and then went to my God daughter's wedding in Guildford. It was a lovely occasion, even more so because I hadn't expected to enjoy it very much. This was because I didn't expect to know many people there. However, I met up with Ros and Paul, two friends of Jane (mum of my Goddaughter, friend since primary school) who Mr FD and I  had met and got on with very well about 23 years ago. We started chatting and it was really lovely to find out what they had been getting up to and so on. My God daughter looked beautiful, and it was a truly joyous day.

Then, I arrived back in France on Monday and Mr FD travelled by train halfway up France to meet me so I didn't need to drive the whole way. Bless him. How kind was that?!

My Godson arrived on Tuesday to spend some time with us - we visited some pretty villages

and did some touristy things

We went to Lyon and went on a guided tour of the traboules - we went on the French tour and though the woman wasn't a very good guide, I am happy that I actually understood the majority of what she was saying. Unfortunately, she used a microphone that conveyed her voice to us through a headset, but she obviously hadn't been trained in the use of it. Hence, at times her voice was very loud, at other times it just faded away into a mumble, and she tended to bark with laughter at odd times - all very disconcerting through a headset!

It was a real delight to spend time with Joe, only marred by the fact that his grandfather died while he was away, so he knew he would be returning to the funeral and all the grief and mourning associated with a death of a close relative.

And now I am back at my desk, starting to prepare for my teaching to start on Friday. It has been a really good holiday/working time though so I can't complain. I hope I haven't lost too many readers since I have been absent for so long! I will have to find time to catch up on your blogs too! Forgive me if I have not been commenting, but I hope to start doing so now I'm back, even if it's just a few words.



  1. I missed you!!!!!! Welcome back!!! SO nice to hear from you!!! Wow, you've had a busy time this holidays! Glad you enjoyed it all. I'm hoping to get my zentangle framed so I can put it up on the wal. I misplaced the emvelope it came in so was wondering if o coyld have your address please? X

  2. Mouse! You're back! I'm so glad because you have been away WAY too long! What's cooking at your house? I missed you.

  3. What a wonderful trip- such beautiful scenery. You visited and did the tourist thing-- it seems like a perfect blend of activities. Gosh-- it's gorgeous there.


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