All (or none!) of the Fun of the Fair!

This weekend is the St Just Fete Patronale - an annual event of fun and festivities for all the village. But Mr FD hates it, mostly because of the travelling fair that sets up in the square outside our house - and that is right outside our house...We have a lorry parked so that there is no light through our windows, and the funfair goes on until midnight or beyond, with flashing lights, tinny music and the crash-bang of dodgems. We have also, in the past, had altercations with the people from the travelling fair, which almost resulted in violence.

If we lived anywhere else in the village, this would be a fun event to visit, but it just gets Mr FD wound up, as we can't escape it. Except we can...

We are going away on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be good, and we can go for a walk, or even take the train up the Puy de Dome. Mr Fd is talking about taking his bike, but I'm kind of hoping for a bit of together-time!

We are going to stay one night in a B&B, La Maison du Chevalier, not too far from here, in the Auvergne, which looks very nice:

It is run by a Dutch couple and the review in Le Figaro says:
Maison-chalet années 70, la «Home Sweet Home», de Wim, de Patricia et de Jeff n'attire pas le regard. Son attrait est intérieur. Dans l'amour de cette famille pour ce «pays» d'eau, de montagnes et de tablées. Le temps d'un sauna ou d'une séance de relaxation, dans les chambres joliment aménagées ou lors d'un dîner terroir, leur «pays» inspire la détente. 

So maybe we can have a sauna too!
We haven't had a holiday this year, and as I am taking on more work, we mightn't get one until October half term, so this is a little treat to keep us going.

We are going to have to batten down the hatches before we leave - there will be fireworks on Saturday night in St Just, and while the Pookies* don't seem too bothered by them, we think it will be best to close all the shutters to keep the noise out as much as possible.

I'll let you know all about it next week.

*our friends' name for a group of dearly beloved cats.


  1. Hoiw frustrating to have a fair right outside your home. Hope you will enjoy your time away and come back to find all is well and peace and quiet restored!

  2. Oh my gosh-- bless your hearts!! I think I would be most unhappy to have the fair right outside my door!! And yes-- that would certainly take away the "fun factor"!!

    Have a wonderful trip- the bed and breakfast looks beautiful. I bet it's nice and quiet there:)

    And thank you---- for your caring spirit.

  3. Oh no, how rotten it's so close to your house! On one of our islands in Croatia,we stayed in a place above a bar. I noticed nothing of the noise but CBC was kept awake till 3.30am with the music on the first night...x

  4. Enjoy your mini-break :)
    Thanks for the comment and the photo link :)
    There are some Gormley pieces at the YSP - and Andy Goldsworthy - but as two of us have mobility issues, we couldn't get to see them - they're off the beaten track, sadly...


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