This week's menu plans (Week 23)

Hello dear friends! I hope you are eating well and enjoying lovely fresh produce.

 Last night we had a delicious but simple meal:
chicken legs rubbed with oil, lemon juice, garlic and fresh herbs and then roasted in the oven. Served with salad leaves, coleslaw, tabbouleh, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, red pepper, fresh mushrooms and beetroot (my plate only for the beetroot) And a bread roll. Yum. I had a glass (or two!) of white wine with elderflower cordial as well - but, sadly, I'm starting to wonder if white wine is the cause of my night cramps. I may have to give it up (still, there's red and rosé left!)

We went through a half a pack of chocolate coated popcorn as well...

I bought a bumper pack of this in Noz. It is so more-ish that I'm afraid I can eat it until I feel sick!!


Today we'll be having Hairy Dieter's Beef in red wine - I'm afraid I can't find a recipe to link to, but it's basically a beef casserole, padded out with lots of yummy vegetables. As it's not a fast day, we'll have it with new potatoe-roasties and green beans.

semi fasting

Vegetable chilli with 25g of rice. The chilli is already in the freezer - I don't know what recipe I used, but here is a link to a vegetable chilli  should you need one.

We're going back to the Hairy Dieters for their Pan Haggerty Lite. The link is to a recipe for non-"lite" Pan Haggerty but the only differences I can see are slightly less bacon, and oil, plus half-fat cheddar. I'll be using even less bacon but normal fat Cantal - it all balances out!


Mr FD has the job of heating this one up, as I am teaching. Ham in cider sauce - quite frankly I have no idea where this recipe came from as the box of ham was something I found when I did my freezer audit a couple of weeks ago. We'll have it with baked potatoes (or maybe Boulangère potatoes if I can be bothered prepping them on Wednesday morning before I leave!) and more green beans (I bought rather too many for the salad last Tuesday!)


Fresh chorizo sausages & oven baked ratatouille - the sausages are in the freezer...I bought them on Yellow Label, and I have no idea what they're like. The oven baked ratatouille I'm prepping today (Sunday) so it will have lots of time to mature in the fridge. Again this is because I don't get home until gone 7.30 so Mr FD doesn't want to be cooking much when he gets home.
Semi fasting 

I say "semi fasting" but last Friday it was a proper fast, with nothing but an apple and coffee consumed until dinner time ! Although I usually allow myself veggie soup at lunch time if I feel the need, I didn't really feel hungry all day, so I didn't eat! That could have been because of the large number of apèro snacks I'd eaten on Thursday evening with Alison!

Tonight's dinner is Pesto Cod and Veggie parcels - this is from the Woman magazine recipe book & is deliciously simple. (Except we ate the tomatoes last night! Still, they're not exactly difficult to get hold of!) Mr FD will have to prepare this I suspect, though I might find time to put it together before I go to Roanne to teach. We'll have it with a baked potato and some salad.

For the first time in ever-such-a-long-time I was weighed at the doctor's and not immediately told "You have to lose weight". Slightly surprised, I said that I'd been losing weight and what target should I have - 80kg perhaps?
He looked me up and down (it was a locum, not our regular doctor) and said "Meh - you're quite tall...just keep losing very gently, you'll be fine. You'll know when you feel comfortable."

I was happy with that! I do want to keep losing, but have upped my target from 75kg to 80 kg. It still leaves me with 8kg to lose, but that seems do-able. Since Christmas I've lost 5kilos so if I keep plugging on it should be fine. The problem may well be in July when I'm back at Lines, teaching in the summer school - the food there is so plentiful and good, it is very difficult to refuse! I think I will have to make more effort to get to the swimming pool! 

Thank you again for your comments - I do love reading them, & it's a while since I have replied. Sorry!

MARIA: If you liked that ginger cat you would adore our big boy, George. He is such a delight - placid and extremely handsome. Here he is, in full "relax" mode with his sister Millie (the tabby) and Pomme (grey-and-white)

POMPOM: Happy-the-car is such fun to drive! It's a good second car for us, as it's economical to run. It's always lovely to have a cheery comment from you on my blog - thank you! Do you like curry? I'd definitely recommend the lamb madras.

JUNE: Thank you for the recipe. I'm not a cold soup person - it seems to go against the Laws of Soup to be cold! However, a little thicker as a dip with warm pitta bread, or tortilla chips sounds very appealing! I may try that as a summer starter some day.

JANE & CHRIS: Our dust bunnies were even bigger than that one!! Mr FD filled half a waste paper bin with fluff from the rugs! Still, the deep clean worked as Hazel only sneezed twice while she was with us. 

KEZZIE: Thank you for your kind comment on my zentangling. Mr FD came into my study yesterday as I was doing another "Oh, you're at it again!" he said... I have just finished a peacock - not sure if I like it, but it was fun to do. If anyone would like me to "do" a zentangle for them just let me know - it's nice to have a purpose to it!

CRO MAGNON: Thank you for the mention of Rick Stein's Chana Masala (link back to Cro's blog) - always good to have another veggie curry up one's sleeve, as I'm sure Richard gets bored of the inevitable dhal! 

CRAFTY CATS CORNER: I agree! I think in this world one needs to choose which battles to "fight", as it were. We cannot change everything, but we can choose to make some things better - so I buy "Label Rouge"/ "Fermier" chicken (Free range) and usually meat from the butchers which I know hope is from happy pigs and cows. It's not much, but it's something... but you're right, there are so many things we can feel guilty about.

And finally, I would like to give a big Shout Out to Mr FD who has spent the last hour completing our joint tax form. (Good job too - it needs to be in tomorrow!) It's a job I hate doing, but for the last two years he has taken it on himself to do it.


  1. Hi Mouse!
    Well, your curry is different than what I'm used to. I really don't "get" curries because we don't eat them here unless you go out to an Indian restaurant. I put a tsp. of curry in one casserole I make and we all love that. Lynn from Sunny Side of the Street has tried to help me understand curries, and she's a good cook, too. I guess I'll just have to come to the UK and make a side trip over to France to taste my sweet friends' curry!
    All of your menus are wonderful. YUMMY!

  2. Mmmmm, your food always makes me hungry (I'm famished right now- we're going out to a friend's for a barbecue in half an hour and it's at 3pm so I am ravenous!!!)
    Oooh, could you make a musical-themed zentangle???? I'd love to see that! In fact, I was looking through my archive of photos of cards I've made over the years and I found something I'd drawn (a musical note) which reminded me of your zentangling) just through the fact it was decorated in black pen and was intricate patterning! Must post a photo of it sometime!x

  3. Omgosh I can't believe how you have the week all planned out in advance!! I try to eat healthy-- we DO eat healthy-- but I never know from one day to the next what we are having. I'd love to be as organized as you:)


  4. I must confess: after you mentioned the chocolate covered popcorn, everything else was just a blur. I haven't seen any here in rural Nova Scotia; but my eyes will be peeled! And congratulations on losing so much weight; I know first hand, it's a tough row to hoe! It's taken me 10 wk to lose 3.75 kg but I do feel better knowing it was gradual and will hopefully be more likely to stay off.


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