Laughter is brightest where the Food is best

Nothing much to report to be honest with you... Last week was quite full of work. I had a lesson cancellation on Wednesday and hoped to go for a walk in Roanne, but it was pouring with rain...of course it stopped raining as soon as I started teaching again! C'est la vie.

I went out for a walk last Sunday and met some English people who live in a small hamlet halfway round the walk. They invited me for a cup of tea which was most welcome. I sat in their garden, in the sunshine and looked at the glorious view. We are so blessed to live here

Mr FD went out for a cycle ride this morning, while I stayed here and changed the cat trays (It's a nasty job but someone has to do it - and it was my turn), and put the spare bedroom into some sort of order...for weeks it has looked like a bomb hit it, as I was just dumping laundry, bathroom supplies etc in there. Finally I sorted it out - I need to have a clear bed to start collecting the things I need to take to the UK.

Meals last week were all okay, except for Friday - I bought some ling (a type of fish) which was really rather unpleasant. Mr FD refused to eat most of his; I ate mine, but wasn't impressed.Luckily the cats weren't so fussy. They had a fishy treat for their tea! I don't want to buy cod or haddock too much as they are over fished (though apparently so is ling) and at the moment Norwegian farmed salmon has a terrible reputation in France, & it's difficult to find Scottish or not-farmed salmon, so we're a bit limited on the fish front. The panga we had was revolting - and I've read articles that definitely put me off eating it. Can anyone recommend a fish that is nice, and not in danger of over fishing? And doesn't require much faffing about - Mr FD won't "do" bones. week's menus are:

SATURDAY (Today): Hairy Dieter's Quick Chicken Cordon Bleu, with chips and salad. the recipe linked to spices it up with some chilli jam - a nice idea, but we haven't got any, so I can't! I do have some sweet chilli sauce, so I may use some of that. If you don't like chilli, just omit it from the recipe.

SUNDAY: Turkey Ragout from the 5:2 recipe book. This is a nice recipe, giving enough turkey for a stirfry on Tuesday evening. It uses a turkey thigh which is plenty big enough. We'll have mashed potato and green beans with this.

MONDAY (semi fasting) Meatballs with a tomato sauce and some pasta.

TUESDAY: Turkey stirfry, with various veggies and a Blue Dragon stirfry sauce and some noodles.

WEDNESDAY: Spicy bean & vegetable stew from the freezer. This will be a Mr FD-heat-it-up meal as I'm teaching till 6.30 and won't get home till 7. It'll be the last time though, as many of the students have exams and so will be revising.

THURSDAY: Now that Mr FD is earning and we have a little spare cash, we have decided to go out a little more for meals. So on Thursday - another late finish - we'll go out from time to time. We'll be going to Le Relais d'Urfé today Hah! No we won't!!! I've just looked on their website and they're closed on Thursday evening!! Oh well - we'll find somewhere else.

 FRIDAY: (Fasting)  Baked potatoes with a musroom/tomato filling and salad. I'll make the filling before I go to Roanne to teach so Mr FD will be in charge of spuds and salad.

Thank you again for your comments...It is lovely when you take time to write something. I really appreciate it.

POMPOM: When you visit us in France I promise I will make you my Lamb Madras...I'm sure you will love it!

KEZZIE: I've almost finished your musical zentangle. Can you send me your address so I can send it to you? I hope you like it!

VICKI: Will it blow your mind if I tell you that actually I plan my meals a month in advance!?! It isn't set in stone, of course, but as meal planning isn't something I really enjoy, I would rather get it over with in one go! I couldn't go back to not knowing what we were going to eat - when I did that we ended up always eating pasta!!

SANDI: That chocolate covered popcorn was a dream! I nearly bought some more but didn't as we could eat it by the bucketload!!

Sorry about the bizarre table that I can't get rid of. Here's a LOLcats to finish with:

Suitable for today when I have finally revealed my lily white legs to the world in my knee length shorts!


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