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On this post I am, as usual, writing about my planned menus for this week. I'm following the 5:2 diet, which basically means that two days a week I "fast", attempting to eat 500 calories only. The rest of the time we eat more normally, but I'm using recipes from my two favourite dieter guys, the Hairy Dieters (This is a link to their "Diet Club" page. I'm not a member, but it does tell you a bit about their weight loss story. It's quite interesting!)

So...You can click on the links to find the recipes...
Hairy Dieter's Lamb Tagine  I had planned to make double and freeze half, but the meat was so expensive that I decided against it! We'll have this with a smidgeon of cous cous and green beans as well as the vegetables in the tagine itself

Today I work away from home, teaching in Clermont Ferrand. I often need to take a pain killer for my back, so it's good to have something in my stomach. I try to eat light through the day though, restricting the carbs and having as little fat as I can manage. So, I have  scrambled egg for breakfast; lunch is a green salad + a bit of protein (tomorrow about 60 cals worth of emmenthal cheese); dinner: Vegetable Strudel (182 cals a serving) and salad 


Pan fried pork with balsamic lentils... except I bought a pack of prepared quinoa and lentil mix, so I will probably use that instead of the lentils in the recipe. We'll also have broccoli with this, as well as the spinach (frozen not fresh!). 

Mr FD's cooking day as I'm out at work until 7 pm. I was really pleased to find smoked haddock for sale, so he can make the recipe properly: Hairy Dieter's Cod & Prawn Gratin (except we have a different white fish - can't remember what!)  We'll probably use green beans in the recipe rather than frozen peas - or maybe tinned peas instead.

I don't work away from home on Thursday (I do on Monday) so on this fast day I try to survive on nothing but drinks until dinner. If desperate I make a veggie soup with 80g frozen soup vegetables, some veggie stock and a tiny squeeze of harissa paste.
Dinner today is a Ham & leek sweet potato covered pie  I don't have a recipe for this, but I'm going to adapt the Hairy Dieters white sauce from yesterday. Or maybe use a tomato based sauce. It may end up as more than 500 calories, but it shouldn't be much over!

We'll have the remainder of the fish gratin tonight, as it serves four. OR I might freeze it and have something a bit naughtier. I'm thinking that the Merguez and lamb that we had a couple of weeks back might be nice...or maybe I'd be better to try the Hairy Dieter's Lamb doner kebabs
I go shopping on Friday so I can decide then what to buy.

I don't know!! As Saturday is 1st February, I need to have my new month's food planning done - and I haven't started yet! What I do know is that there will be plenty of recipes from the new Hairy Dieter's book

I hope that these menu plans give you some inspiration & maybe some new recipes to try out over the next few weeks. Come back next weekend to find out what we're having on Saturday!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited & commented! It's lovely!!


  1. I must buy a leek. I have never cooked anything with a leek.

  2. Lots of inspiration there FD :) I have dried quinoa, but I've never managed to cook it successfully ... it always turns to mush which is a shame because it's meant to be good for diabetics :( (That's me btw). There's a wonderful recipe for leek and chickpea soup in Robin Ellis' book Delicious Dishes for Diabetics. I'd post it on my blog but I think I'd be in breach of copywrite :S Anyway .. I must look at the Hairy Bikers book ... ty FD :)

  3. Some lovely food ideas there!

  4. The pictures of food makes me feel hungry!! I missed the date for the 'Grow you Blog' event sadly :( Good luck with your diet! :)


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