Climbing reluctantly back on the Wagon!

The rheumatologist has told me firmly to lose weight; I know that I have gained as my skirt felt tighter than it should have done on Sunday - I meant to weigh myself this morning, so I had a starting point, but I forgot (psychological slip-of-the-mind, do you think?!). So here we go!

Yesterday was a fast day - I am not sticking very strictly to 500 calories a day, as I am cutting down every day, but Monday & Tursday are still my "leaner than usual" days. So I had an agg for breakfast, a salad with a small amount of chicken & no dressing at lunch, plus an orange and an apple, a veggie stir fry ( made with 1 leek, 1 onion, 1 courgette, 1 carrot, 200g mushrooms, 100g beansprouts, 75g duck breast, 75g egg noodles and a black bean sauce - shared about 40% me, 60% Mr FD ) and finally a banana.

 I tried a new breakfast - 20g porridge oats, a handful of dried cranberries and half a banana. It was okay, but I need a bit more liquid in the porridge. With a glass of half-and-half OJ & water, a coffee and a Danaol yoghurt this is my new breakfast for this week at least.

Lunch will be veggie soup (celery, leek and potato), a chicken breast-and-salad sandwich, fruit and a "sweet treat" (except I've not made any yet, so that might have to wait until later)
Dinner:  salmon spaghetti with green leaf sauce (You can see the recipe on this pdf file here)


Mr FD is cooking as he gets back from his course before I get back from teaching.  Usual breakfast, and lunch (I may need to make some more soup - which will be curried parsnip and sweet potato soup) 
Dinner: Mexican bean burgers with yoghurt dressing, salad, avocado and potato wedges (tossed in a tsp or so of olive oil + paprika) The recipe says use rolls, but we're not doing that!! I'm also going to substitute some of the kidney beans for chickpeas, left over from tonight's dinner.


Hopefuly nothing ( but possibly fruit )  until dinner. Which is Hairy Dieter's Easy Crispy Chicken plus a salad with a zingy yoghurt dressing. One thing I will have to do is try to find some interesting salad ingredients...mine are rather boringly of the lettuce-cucumber-tomato variety.

Breakfast & lunch as detailed above.
Dinner is Mr FD cooked again, due to another late return.
It's another Hairy Dieter's recipe, coconut prawn curry  with a smidgeon of rice (probably about 30g of raw rice each)

These are the Hairy Dieters; Dave Myers & Si King

Lunch is beans and poached egg on toast. Dinner is a veggie cottage pie which comes in at just over 200 calories a portion. Add lots of veggies as well - probably brocoli and carrots. There is a broccoli with zingy dressing at ther end of the linked recipe. I'll probably try that.


Lunch will be left over cottage pie - in the form of soup!! I'll zuzz it up with some vegetable stock and maybe a tin of tomatoes. I might scrape off the potato topping however, and make it into little patties served up with an egg on top.It depends on how much is left.

Dinner is turkey ragout - this was a great success when I made it before, so I'm looking forward to it again!

Pompom: The muffin recipe I use is this one or this one:

2 large eggs                   150 ml pot nat yoghurt              50ml rapeseed oil                100g apple sauce
1 ripe banana (mashed)  4 tbsp clear honey                    1 tsp vanilla extract            200g flour
50g rolled oats               1.5 tsp baking powder               1.5 tsp cinnamon                100g blueberries
2 tbsp mixed seeds (don't have - I'll omit these)

Heat oven to 180°C/ GM4. Line a 12 hole muffin tin
Mix eggs, yog,oil, applesauce, banana, honey & vanilla in a jug.
Put everything else (except seeds) in a bowl. Combine.
Pour wet ingredients over & mix till you have a smooth batter...Be careful not to overmix though.
Divide batter between uffin cases. Sprinkle with seeds (& some extra oats if desired)
Bake for 25-30 minutes
Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Can be kept for up to 3 days. 179 cals per muffin.

I got your email & will respond sometime soon.

Trish: I hope you liked the salmon dish. I was a bit unimpressed with it, but I didn't follow the recipe exactly (for various reasons) and I was in a grumpy mood, so it's possible I wouldn't have been impressed even if it had been served by David Tennant wearing nothing but a rose between his teeth. (Actually, I'm not sure how appealing a picture that is...especially if you're waiting for your dinner!)

Aside: I googled "David Tennant with rose" and got nothing but variations of this picture
No! That's the wrong kind of rose!!!

Mags & Fishcake Random: Thank you for your new year wishes. I hope 2014 is good for all of us.
Must rush! I've got a phone lesson to give!


  1. Haha, that's a cheeky Tennant and that Rose will do! We liked the salmon, I adapted it too. We have a box of Californian pistachios which are spectacular and were tasty though a little dry. We ate it with layered potatoes and mashed squash which went very well. Have managed to lose 9ibs since October on the fasting diet. I'd like to drop 5 more if possible so I'll keep going. I'm eating less and less on the fasting days and it is getting easier .

  2. Such a delicious-sounding menu!!!! I like using baby spinach leaves in my salad and radish is always interesting!!! X

  3. Thank you for the great muffin recipe, Mouse! All your menus look nutritious and attractive, too!


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