How did you see the old year out...

...and the New Year in?

We did nothing very exciting. Mr FD has a very nasty cold, which meant he couldn't do his planned end-of-year cycle ride, so he wasn't very happy. We enjoyed a meal of little escargot vol au vents, guinea fowl in a truffle sauce (courtesy of the butcher) with potato wedges and green veg, followed by cheese and little gateaux de soirée - which are basically tiny versions of the type of cakes produced by a patissier

No champagne, just a couple of glasses of red wine; no high-jinks, just watching "Kind Hearts & Coronets"; no staying up till midnight, just going to bed about 11.20, to be woken by a text at about 12.30, and a scratching cat about 3.15 am. She wasn't popular!

I've been working today, and feel very pleased with myself as I've planned all my lessons for next week and finished the two reports I had to write. I still need to send out my December bills to my private students, and declare this last quarters earnings for the tax man, but generally I have got up-to-date with my work tasks.

Tomorrow I'm going food shopping, and here are the planned meals up until Sunday (the healthy eating resumes on Monday 6th!):
A big salad with croutons, comté and preserved duck, plus some hot potatoes thrown in and a honey/nut oil/lemon juice dressing
Pistachio topped salmon, gratin dauphinoise, green beans

Merguez and lamb souvlaki pitta breads and salad
These sound like a rather indulgently, yummy Friday night treat!

Pasta bake with a bit of chorizo, andmozzarella


I'll be making a cream of celery soup, plus some "breakfast muffins" to have as sweet treats through the next week - one a day, except when fasting.

So, I'd like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

And say

to two new Followers:
Kathy from Postcards from the P.P. which is the Wirral peninsular, near where I grew up in sunny Liverpool
Sandy over at Aging Disgracefully

Thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoy what you read, and maybe find some recipes that you'd like to try!


  1. Well, you've had an infinitely more productive start to the new year than me! Long may it continue- yours, I mean...

  2. Happy New Year to you!!!! Keep up the good work FD.
    I saw the NY in from my bed with a tired and grumpy Baby D snuggled on my chest. Not the the most flashy or exciting NY ever but it felt pretty lovely to me.

    x xx

  3. Happy new year Dormouse! Pistachio topped salmon sounds good ; I'll give that a try.

  4. What do you put in your sweet muffins, Mouse? Oh! Did you get my email?


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