National Burger Day

...apparently today is National Burger Day.

Well, we had our burgers yesterday. It should have been a fasting day, but Mr FD wanted to fast today, so I swapped our meals around, and then discovered that I couldn't find the salmon that I thought we had in the freezer! So no Salmon Tray Bake, but instead we had burgers (found in the freezer) with lots of vegetables.

I made a guacomole from a tomato, half an onion, an avocado, mashed with some oil and lemon juice, plus some chopped chilli. I served this on top of the burgers (on which I'd already melted a slice of cheese)
We also had a salad made from strips of courgette and crumbled feta cheese in oil and lemon juice. We also had a pile of green salad, a tablespoon of coleslaw, and lots of cucumber, PLUS half a tomato each - the first one from our two tomato plants on the balcony. I cooked some potato wedges too, and we had a feast!

Because I'd not had any fruit or veg all day (porridge for breakfast, scrambled egg on toast for lunch) I also had a peach and an apple for dessert. I think I might have just squeezed in my five-a-day!

But here is one dessert I really wouldn't like to try:

Burger flavoured ice cream!
The ice cream consists of minced chargrilled beef mixed into the ice cream base to add flavour before its sieved out. Created by ice cream specialists Sorbitium Ices, the Burger Ice Cream is only available for one day only on the UK’s first National Burger Day on 27 August.

Frankly, I think it sounds absolutely disgusting!


  1. Hi Mouse! The burgers look yummy! I had baby burgers at a restaurant the other night. They had skinny onion strands on them. Delicious!


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