Fast Day Thorts...

Fasting on the wrong day caused Mr FD quite some problems this week: he wanted to change days from Monday to Tuesday - which was okay by me - but that meant that the day before his Bi-Weekly Cycle Ride on Wednesday he hadn't really imbibed enough calories, so he had to abandon half way through.

So we're thinking Fast Days should be Monday and Thursday, as he cycles on Wednesday and Saturday, and he is a big enough boy to decide for himself how much he is going to eat on those days. On my fast days I've been having a small breakfast (10g porridge oats + water + 1/2 tsp Stevia sugar substitute) and a small lunch (1 1/2 ladles of home made veggie soup) as well as dinner, because I'm taking painkillers for my back which need to be taken with food. Possibly I've been a little over 500 calories - I've estimated more like 650 - but it's still less than I'd normally consume.

Yesterday afternoon was spent trailing round Roanne trying to find a new dishwasher that met all criteria. We failed. So we're back to another week of hand washing-up, while Mr FD tries to find one on-line. Our old dishwasher has done 17 years stirling service, but just gave up the ghost a fortnight ago. We've not been able to find out why, so we think a new one is in order. Because we got back late, the planned "recipe" was abandoned in favour of a more rapid salmon-and-veggie stir-fry, but at the last minute I crumbled and threw in a packet of Schetschwan (spelling?) flavoured noodles as well. They made it very tasty, but I'm sure upped the calorie level a little too much! Interestingly, having had some carbs in the meal I felt less hungry than I usually do on a fast day during the evening. I wonder if that is normal. Does anyone know? Maybe I'll ask on the 5:2 Forum...

PS You might want to read about our fun evening at a friends Fancy Dress party last weekend. You can find an account over here...The Names's Catwoman...Dormouse Catwoman


  1. I like reading about your fast day menus.
    We had a dishwasher debacle. We ordered two cheaper dw's and they both didn't work right after installation. Finally, we chose a Bosch and it is a DREAM! It is well worth the extra money we had to pay.


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