More on the 5:2 Eating Regime

You know, we really are quite convinced by this eating plan - it has become easier as we have got used to it (although yesterday I was finding it difficult to concentrate by the end of a busy day of planning and phone lessons. I finally finished at 6.45 having started at 9.00) The science behind it seems reasonably sound - although, to be honest, I've not done a huge amount of research - and I am finally seeing results. After 4 weeks of eating 500 calories on Mondays and Fridays, I have lost 2 kg. And I've honestly not felt deprived. Yes, on fast days I have wanted to eat something - but it's been okay to say "Not today. But you can tomorrow." And sometimes I have eaten it (whatever it was) tomorrow; but sometimes I haven't!

 I've also found I have a different attitude to hunger. Before starting this, I was "afraid" of hunger. I'd usually have a snackette of some kind with me, just in case I felt hungry. But now I've learned that hunger comes and goes; that I can say to myself "OK, you're hungry. Get over it." Last Wednesday, I was in Roanne teaching, and between lessons I felt peckish; I had an apple with me, and I thought, OK, wait until after this next lesson, and then you can have your apple... I forgot I'd felt hungry and the apple remained uneaten! (I'm not sure I'd've been so sanguine had it been a chocolate biscuit though!)

I've started trying to exercise a little more too. I went out for a walk earlier this afternoon - an hour of tramping through mud and snow. I didn't want to go, but I'm glad I did. I hope I worked off at least one of the two biscuits I had for puddding at lunchtime! (A quick visit to another site suggests I burned 298 calories - so that's probably both biscuits!)

So, what's the food plan for next week?
MONDAY (fast day)  Breakfast: porridge & agave syrup (130 cals) Lunch: CuppaSoup (60 cals)
Dinner: Spanakopitta and lots of salad (250 cals)

TUESDAY: Fish pie - made with frozen fish in sauce that is in the freezer, with some mushrooms & onions thrown in as well. Peasncrots as a vegetable.
 (Just in case you haven't worked out what peasncrots are yet!)

 I'll prepare this before I go out to shop/teach at 4 o'clock, so Mr FD can pop it in the oven for it to be ready when I get home. I've got loads of phone lessons on Tuesday - it's great, but boy, this working does get in the way of life!

WEDNESDAY: Hairy Dieters Chicken Paprika but made in the slow cooker. That way I don't need to cook when I get home - except for some rice to go with it, that is.

THURSDAY: Penne Arrabiata It's another lateish home day, but this is a quick-to-make recipe. We'll have it with some fresh pasta and crusty bread from the market. 
(Not bad for a fast day?!)

FRIDAY (fast day) Breakfast: nothing Lunch:CuppaSoup (60 cals) Dinner: Good-for-you Green Curry (147 cals) plus 25g raw weight rice (89 cals)  Then I can have a banana (approx 100 cals) and a hot chocolate (40) through the evening.

SATURDAY: We've got Danièle & her vegetarian son, Sylvain, coming for dinner. I've not exactly decided, but I think I'll cook something from my Wagamama cookbook...Maybe Vegetable Gyoza to begin,  
Then Pumpkin & Tofu curry (but without the tofu - bleeuch!) Link here: I might also make some little veggie cakes with a dipping sauce, but I can't find a recipe for them at the moment. Then...Well, Wagamamas do a great white chocolate and ginger cheesecakeso if I can find stem ginger in syrup then I might give it a try. I know I've seen it on sale somewhere but I'm blowed if I can remember where!
SUNDAY: I'm not sure. There may be leftovers. Or it may be something from the freezer. But I don't think I'll buy anything special for this meal.

Angela - Thank you for your good wishes for MrFD's quick recovery. His road rash has nearly cleared up, but his shoulder is still causing a lot of problems. Our friend, who is a doctor, thinks that the rotator cuff (?) might be damaged. MrFD is having physio, but he is finding it painful. It may be a few more weeks before he's cycling (The bike has been passed as fit!)

PomPom - That kitty is absolutely beautiful...but I would think it will require a lot of grooming to keep him in purrfect condition. You keep working on Mr PomPom. I love our kitties very much! (Bib is asleep on my left arm at the moment. Luckily, I type one handed!)


  1. Hi Mouse! Yes, you're right about the big floppy kitty needing A LOT of grooming. The breeder said she needs two brush outs per week AND also some sort of cat fur vacuum thing. Maybe I should just get a regular house cat instead of the fancy kind. We'll see. Mr. Pom Pom loves cats but says, "WE ARE NOT getting any more pets." So, we'll see!
    I am in the process of a cool study called The Lord's Table. You can look up the book on Amazon. I think you fast two days over the course of two weeks. Tomorrow is my fast day. I am off to the store to buy broth.
    I like reading your plans for meals, Mouse.


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