Cat Flap Report

The cats are getting the hang of the cat flap. Here is their report card:

Pomme                                                       A+
 I'm happy to report that Pomme has understood the concept of the cat flap, and is able to use it without any difficulty. She can go out easily, and although she is less willing to come back in again she knows what to do. Well done, Pomme!
 George                                                       B+
George is competent using the cat flap to go onto the balcony; however he is less sure about how to come in. He has a tendency to expect others to hold the flap open for him. George needs to learn to apply the going out method to his return to the warmth. 
 Millie                                                          B-
Millie had a break through today when she went out of the flap without help. She did seem rather surprised to be out in the cold, but has obviously started to work out that the cat flap has something "magic" about it. She also used the cat flap to enter successfully (and very, very quickly) when frightened by the gritter lorry!
 Bib                                                              C-
Bib is totally confused by the cat flap and has no idea why the other cats are there in the kitchen one minute and suddenly have dissappeared from view the next. She suspects it's something to do with that holey-thing in the door, but she isn't very happy about examining it too closely.


  1. Cat Flap trivia

    1; Isaac Newton invented the cat flap, as he was allegedly fed up with being disturbed by the cat pawing at the door
    2;"cat flap" is an anagram of "flat cap"

    have a great weekend with your 'flappers' xx

  2. Bib is clearly Anglican,any change is suspicious!
    Jane x


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