I've got wrinkly fingers!

I've just helped at the Cyclo Club Telethon meal - The Telethon is a bit like Children In Need, known throughout France as an event collecting money for charity. The Cyclo Club always participate in a ride, collecting money, and a meal, again to raise money.

This year it was choucroute, provided by outside caterers, but served by non-cyclist members of the Cyclo Club. I went down, at 11.30, after I had taught my usual Saturday morning lesson: the hall was prepared, the tables set, and nothing for me to do. But soon the cyclists started arriving - so they sat down, and we rushed around with bottles of kir as an apero, and then bottles of red wine, then plates of choucroute, then plates of cheese and apple tart. I don't know how far I walked, back and forth to the kitchen, but it felt like miles! The servers had time to sit down with their meal (not that I enjoyed it - I'm not a Choucroute kind-of girl ) Then the cyclists all set off again for the afternoon, and we had to tidy and wash up. I washed 250 plates (at least), 250 knives, forks and spoons. While I'm not sure about the ecological/environmental arguments for using plastic cups, I'm very glad we didn't have to wash up 250 glasses as well!!

We're going out with Louis and Odette for a meal tonight - hoorah! I might have a pizza, I think. But maybe I'll change my mind.

Friends coming over for a meal tomorrow, so I think I'll probably write my meal plan blog post on Monday, together with my Pause in Advent blog post. That'll be over on View from the Teapot, but I'll provide a link. So Monday will be a day for me and what I want to do - no cleaning, no cat litter trays to do, no preparing for lessons, no job searching, no preparing for Christmas, no French homework. That will start again on Tuesday, but Monday will be just what I want to do - crafting/card making/ blogging. And I shall enjoy it!


  1. Hi Mouse! Are those your cute little hands?
    Yay for December, right? I can't wait to see how you and Mr. Mouse enjoy holiday food!


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