Christmas Thingies

Hello Guys!
Just popped in to say:
I made some mince pies with the remainder of the jar of mincemeat I used a couple of weeks back. There wasn't much, so I mixed it with grated apple, sultanas and calvados to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out. I haven't got "pastry hands" (as Nana Disley used to call them) but I made some pastry and just about got 9 s'pies from it. We had two on Sunday evening, with some mulled grape juice, while watching "Elf" (There's room for everyone on the nice list) which is a favourite Christmas film.

I'm going to make Christmas cookies later on this afternoon. Round about 4.30 the internet goes very slow, so that's the time to stop working (for "working" read blogging/ reading other peopl's blogs/going on Ship of Fools/surfing the internet * ) and find something else to do. I'm making cookies for the family Christmas present of friends who live up the hill. I bought a nice tin in Noz so I'll fill it with homemade Christmas cookies. I use this recipe from The Pink Whisk which has become an annual favourite. I made the cookie dough on Sunday and it's been in the fridge. Now it's time to get rolling and cutting! And hopefully, there'll be too many to go in the tin and we'll just have to eat them!!!

* Though in my defence, this morning/afternoon I have prepared all this week's lessons (that's 8 lessons), ordered some teaching books from Amazon, prepared and printed my December bills and cooked lunch for Mr FD (pasta bake) So I haven't really been skiving!


  1. Went over and read the does look pretty darned good.

  2. Hi Girlfriend -- Im working on my Grow Your Blog party post and Ive just loaded your blog in - so you are all set! Remember the date is January 19-- see you there!



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