A great Christmas present!

I've found a great idea for a Christmas present! Everyone should buy one!
This is a CoolZeer Pot and by placing one lidded earthenware pot inside another, and insulating it with wet sand you can keep food fresh for up to 20 days!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!

Of course, I have a fridge, a freezer and access to the supermarket. But people in the baking heat of the Sudan don't - and this is helping to save people from illness caused by spoiled food.

This is one of the gifts that you can buy from Practical Action, which is the charity that my niece works for in Sudan. 

Over at View from the Teapot, I have written a little more about some of the initiatives this small charity is working to support. I hope you will pop over there to read more, and be inspired to help this charity make the lives of those they help more bearable.


  1. Many years ago I bought a goat through Oxfam, which was supposed to help some African village..... I wonder if it did?


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