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I couldn't think of a snappy title. So you've got a really boring one instead!

We've been eating well, but, I think, a little healthier this week. After last weekend, I think we needed to!! I've been reducing portion sizes, which has sent Mr FD scurrying to the breadboard a bit more than usual, but I think we are both trying to be more sensible. I'm trying to increase my fruit consumption too - I know there are sugars (and therefore calories) in fruit but at least they are natural sugars! And include other good things like vitamins.

So, on Tuesday we had the Hairy Bikers' Chilli Salad bowls which we didn't have last Friday. They were really good! I'd made a veggie soup too, so we had that beforehand, and extra salad with the chilli bowls.  I didn't have a pudding after that.

On Wednesday I made shish kebabs with a tomato, cucumber, green pepper salad. We had them with two tortilla wraps and a yoghurt/mint dressing. I think we had a salad-y starter too, and I had a slice of courgette cake for dessert. I'd also had salad and a cheese roll at lunch.

On Thursday, we were due to have lime & lemon dressed courgette as a starter, but I had suffered mightily that day with sciatica, so I couldn't be arsed: I just threw some prepared salads on a plate. (It still hasn't calmed down, which is a worry as I'm due to go back to Lyon the day after tomorrow. I don't know how far I'll be able to walk...I still can't make it the 20 m to the boulangerie without having to stop and silently scream from the pain!!!) We had a portion of Hairy lasagne from last week with some sautéed leeks and green beans. I had a tuna-and-sweetcorn roll, cherry tomatoes, a tin of fruit, a 0% fromage frais + apple purée, a 105 cal minicake and a banana for lunch. Lots of fruit there!

On Friday we had chicken (one breast between two), in a pepper and chilli sauce. A really easy sauce - a jar of roast peppers (in brine not oil), zuzzed with some garlic, chilli and tomato purée, added to a sweated onion and some mushrooms. I served it with some roasted new potatoes (rolled around in a dessertspoon of olive oil and a tsp of sea salt before cooking) and green beans. We started with some soup again, and I think I had a nectarine for dessert.

Yesterday we went out. We were due to go to the Sapeurs Pompiers (Fire fighters) barbecue but my sciatica made me wary about going where there mightn't be sufficient chairs and I might need to stand up. No way, José! Also parking down at the Caserne is limited and I couldn't have walked, so we were already considering crying off. Then Gilles and Sylvie came round and suggested going next door for a pizza - well, I felt I could walk there and back, without too much trouble. So that's what we did. The bases are very thin and crispy, so I felt my Vegetarian (with chorizo) pizza didn't go too over the top (though the two glasses of wine mightn't have helped!) I had carpaccio of pineapple (more fruit!) to finish!

We're out for lunch today with friends, so I shall eat what I'm given (with much delight, I'm sure!). And I'm making curried courgette soup for supper - Michel across the road gave us 4 monster courgettes. I gave two away, but I'm still using the other two. I've got the other chicken breast (cooked) in the fridge so I'll make a sandwich filler from that for today and tomorrow's lunch.

On Monday we'll have salmon baked in lemon juice, (no recipe needed, really. Just salmon and lemon juice. Baked in foil) baked new potatoes and oven ratatouille...this will use up the huge number of bits of vegetables I've got lying round in the fridge. I'll probably use the left over red pepper sauce from Friday as a base for the rataouille. As a starter we'll probably have soup from today.

On Tuesday I should be in Lyon, so I may be home late. Thus I want something easy - so we are going to have duck breast in a honey, soy and ginger sauce. This isn't quite the recipe, but almost. I'm going to use carpaccio of duck breast that is in the freezer (brought home, just past its sellby date by Mr F-D from Shopi) and just warm it briefly in the sauce. I'm serving it with noodles (found in Lidl for 40 cents a packet. Woohoo. I bought the only remaining two packets!) and sautéed leeks. Possibly courgettes too. I may not do a starter, as time may be pressing. Or we may have a coleslaw/lettuce/tomato combo to begin. I have half a cabbage to use.
On Wednesday I begin teaching in Roanne again. Huzzah! (that's Huzzah, because, if you read View from the Teapot as well, you'll know my work hours at Clermont have been cut drastically. I need all the teaching hours I can get)  I'll be getting home about 6 o'clock - not very late, but a bit later than I'm used to. Anyway, I'm thinking a simple dhal and rice will be good (making sure the rice portion is smaller than the dhal portion!) I made some curried plum pickle which might go nicely with it (but check the portion!!!) As a starter, I think I'll do a tomato and onion salad plus a spinach leaf salad too.
1 mug red split lentils - to 3 mugs water with a pinch or two of salt and a half teaspoon of turmeric - cook until soft (most of the water should be absorbed, if it looks like its too runny drain some out - or too dry, add some more water) leave to one side.

Slice an onion fry until soft and add one fat green chilli, a clove of garlic and grate a chunk (about a thumb size) piece of ginger as you add x 2 tins of chopped tomotoes plus a half can of water. Now warm though adding a teaspoon of medium curry powder and a teaspoon of garam masala - taste the sauce, add more curry powder, garlic if you want more - when happy with the taste add the lentils and mix thoroughly. If you wish, you can add some frozen spinach to make the veggie content bigger.

On Thursday, I plan to try to do the lemon/lime courgettes not done last week, as a starter. Then we'll have pasta arrabiata. This is a Slimming World follower's recipe - but I will choose not to use the wine in the sauce, simply because that means I'll be left with an open bottle of wine that requires drinking!

Friday, we'll have a mix of salads as a starter ( salad leaves, cucumber, coleslaw, tabbouleh and vegetable macedoine - yes, some dressing involved, but not too much.) and then kangaroo steaks, which I impulse bought at Lidl last week, with SW chips and coleslaw. I don't think I've ever had kangaroo - ostrich, yes, which I think I enjoyed (I can't remember) but not kangaroo. Has anyone eaten it? What should I expect?

And on Saturday, I'm going to make courgette fritters to start, with a yoghurt and chive sauce. I think I'll probably make up the recipe, but remember to drain-and-squeeze the grated courgette before use! And afterwards, we'll have a turkey and mushroom ragout

Turkey and Mushroom Ragout (serves 4)

500g turkey fillets
1 garlic clove
6 spring onions, chopped
200g sliced mushrooms
150ml chicken stock
4 tbsp red fat creme fraiche
1 tbsp mustard
1 tsp cornflour mixed with & tbsp water

1. Cut the turkey into strips. Cook in frylight (or a sall amount of oil) until golden.
2. Add onuion, mushrooms, garlic to pan. Season and cook for 2-3 minutes
3. Add stock. bring to boil and then simmer. add creme fraiche and mustard. Then cornflour. Simmer for 4-5 minutes
4. Serve with... I'm using rice.

I'll probably serve this with peasncrots and maybe green beans too.

For lunch we'll have had sweet potato soup...I have a lovely recipe for this. I'll try to find it for you.

Anyway! Off for lunch with Charles and Angela now! Ta-ra, chuck!


  1. What a lovely list of delicious and healthy meals, Mouse!
    I really enjoy reading all your menus.
    I do hope your s.nerve relaxes today and goes away forever. That's what I'm praying for!
    I am taking to heart what you say about portions. Small portions are the plan for my week.
    I have given up cheese.

  2. I eat simple Rice-n-Dhal (the simpler the better) quite often. I add roughly the same flavourings, but no toms. I also add Yog. Delish.

  3. Thanks for your prayers, PomPom. My physio did some manipulations on Wednesday and it is getting better, but he wants me to have an MRI scan to check what's happening. Certainly I'm still in too much pain. And I hope your giving up cheese works - I've not completely given up. Here in France, that would be very hard, but I'm being sensible.
    Thanks for the tip, Cro. Yoghurt it shall be!


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