Huzzah for Hairy Dieters!

I'm doing a bit of a Happy Dance at the moment... I've just got my Hairy Dieters book from Amazon

Flicking through it seems as though there are a lot of recipes that I will be happy to cook and Mr FD will be happy to eat. I've already made three of them, from the BBC website which you can find here and they were all great (although the leek lasagne one sounded a bit bizarre so I substituted aubergine instead - so I suppose it became a type of moussaka) and full of flavour and not too faffy to make. The only proviso is that it may be difficult to get some of the ingredients in France, but I'm sure I can improvise with most of them (or it may just be that I've never looked for the ingredients before (pizza base mix, for example) and they are there in full view of all and sundry!)

I have been doing okay, eating wise. I've not weighed myself yet - that will be on Monday - but I've not exceeded 1600 calories (according to My Fitness Pal) on any day. Although I must admit that some of my calorie calculations are a bit hit-and-miss, I think I tend to err on the pessimistic rather than the optimistic side! I'm not finding myself getting too peckish between meals either - or, I've saved some of my lunch for later, so I can eat it when I do feel peckish.

If any of my lovely readers are also on My Fitness Pal, please send me a message. I'm Dormouse85 on there. It's quite good to be cheering each other on.

I'll post my next week's food tomorrow, when I've been able to peruse my Hairy Dieters in more detail (ooh-er, missis!)

PS I knew I'd forget ! Just glancing back over last week's post, I realise I'm supposed to be marinading my venison joint in red wine! I must go and do that before I catch up with the Coronation Street omnibus.What devastating secret will Lloyd find out from his old flame Mandy (I'm guessing it'll be that she had his child.)


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