Skool Dinners!

Hello everybody!
This last week has been more than a bit of a nightmare! The organisation here leaves a fair bit to be desired, as everything is done a little last minute (For example, we won't know our teaching groups for tomorrow until tonight, about 8.00 pm. So, tell me: how do we plan in advance, if you don't know the group level?!) I understand that some of it is unavoidable, but equally some of it is, I think, through disorganisation.

Never mind! I've spent last week getting tenser and tenser, and more and more depressed and tired, and complaining. But yesterday (Saturday) was great. We were free! Many people went to Newbury to shop and chill and go to the pub and eat out. I was tempted, but instead spent the morning planning what I could plan ~ it was actually a pleasure, because it was calm, quiet and under no pressure. I was taken in to a big Tesco to buy supplies for the Gastronomy workshops (we are looking at tooth hygiene and making sweets this week!!! There's an odd juxtaposition.) and then I came home, read magazines, had dinner and watched an episode of "Homeland" I'd not seen this series ~ it was really good. I think I shall have to ask Mr FD to order it on line (or try to buy it in the UK)

Anyway! Food. That's what this blog is about! It's very plentiful and reasonably good too. If I wasn't careful, I could put on pounds and pounds! The Academic Manager claims she put on a stone last year!!!
Breakfast is a full English every day, except Sunday when it's pastries, eggs, cheese, ham etc. I've been trying to just have toast and 1 thing ~ an egg, bacon, beans etc ~plus a bowl of grapefruit.
Lunch has a choice of three hot meals ( vegetarian, and two meat dishes) plus jacket potatoes, salads, and cold proteins, such as cheese, fish, pate, meat. Two puddings, and/or fresh fruit. I've been having a jacket potato plus salad and soup. And fresh fruit.
Then dinner is the same again ~ but with different choices!

So, for example, yesterday I had toast and bacon, then for lunch jacket with loads of yummy salads and some houmous and a bit of chicken/bacon/mayo combo then flapjack and a banana. Then for dinner I had herb crusted fish with sauce, green beans and "rustic wedges", followed by a doughnut. (I won't mention the slices of pizza and garlic bread I was gibven by some teachers who cooked for themselves.!)

Friday evening was terrible though ~ we had all had a bollocking because of lateness to meals (we have to sit on the tables with the children) and one or two of us had got over emotional. There was a lot of shouting and some crying (yes, really!) because we were all so overtired ~ so I'm afraid I just went for comfort eating...I won't list what I had, but it was mostly junk. And a lot of it. But the pint at the pub was very good. And very welcome. As was the double single-malt that I had!!!

Anyway. Next week is another week. I'm hoping it will be better, because I've already been able to plan one set of lessons for the week (for me and for the other teachers who'll be taking Gastronomy) so that should relieve the pressure for several of us. There are several of us, because the Gastronomy workshop has been so popular ~ I had 20 last week, and apparently there are already 27 takers for this week, without counting those students who arrive today!!! We'll need two classes, I think, each with two teachers, possibly. I'm planning on planning another set of lessons today, but I'm going to go to church this morning. I hope it's a Eucharist: I feel in need of feeding!

No pictures. Sorry. But I forgot my lead to load photos from my camera. Never mind.

Report from the front, next week. Take care, my Lovelies!


  1. It's so nice to hear from you! I like reading about the food. I am sure your classes are very interesting. Keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Just having a read of your food diary... Liking the jacket potatoes and salads, sounds like my sort of meal. How much of it do you cook yourself? Slimming World Healthy Diet Recipes.

  3. I'd be having a massive whinge if I was there about the lack of organisation. I'm one of those people who have to feel in control to be confortable lol
    Those dinners sound amazing!!!
    x x x

  4. So glad you had a more positive day . Thinking of you and hoping it gets better.


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