Here we are again!

Life has been better this week as I did advance planning ~ as much as I could. This weekend has been another weekend of chilling, which included meeting a friend for a meal in Newbury. Hannah came up from Southampton to see me and we had a lovely natter and a meal in a riverside pub. Two large glasses of wine, and a huge dinner later, I felt very "relaxed"!!! Hannah and I shared a plate of bread, olives, feta and oil (and the swans shared the bread too!), then I had a pint of prawns, with aioli and warm ciabatta, with a mixed salad. Then we shared a white and dark chocolate gateau with ice cream. Yum! Luckily, some colleagues wanted to see a film, so we shared a taxi there and back, which made it reasonable. Otherwise, it would have been £30 just getting a taxi into Newbury and back.

I've also taken time to plan ahead, again, so I won't have a weekful of stressful evenings, which is what happened the first week here, when we were having to plan four 90-minute lessons every evening. I'm much chillier now!

Food continues to be plentifuil and, for mass catering, very good. Some of the teachers are complaining of various things, but me? I'm stuffing my face quite happily!!!
Highlights have included:
  • waffles, chocolate sauce and sliced banana (I added the banana myself. Quite a brainwave, though I say it myself!)
  • Lamb tagine and couscous. Niot very spicy but full of flavour
  • Calamari to die for! I think the best battered calimari I've tasted (though to be fair, I haven't tasted that many) with a spicy chilli sauce
  • Beautiful light tempura-style batter on fish. I don't eat much fish normally, but I've had it three times since I've been here. It's very good. Sometimes battered, sometimes in a buttery hollandaise type sauce.
  • Scones and jam for dessert yesterday. There was cream on offer too, but I prefer my scones creamless. Anna, my Greek friend, was practically orgasmic over the cream though; it was all she could do not to lick the plate!!!
I'm not quite enjoying the teaching yet, but I think I'm geting there. Of course, I miss Mr F-D, the Kitties and my friends in France, but there are new friendships growing here which helps. Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support. They are much appreciated.

Signing off until next weekend. Fat Dormouse xxx


  1. Hi
    I know you must be run off your feet but I'd hate you to miss my first giveaway which is on the go at present and its open to everyone. Do pop in if you can!

    Keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. Oh I miss you! I'm ready for you to come home, Mouse!


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