School Dinners Here I come!

As I'm off to the UK on Thursday to teach at a Summer School for 6 weeks, I may not be blogging that often. I'm not sure what the food will be like - the brochure says "Students are well-catered for with three balanced meals served everyday, which provide options sensitive to all dietary requirements including vegetarians, vegans and any religious or cultural needs. In addition to this, students are offered refreshments twice a day." I don't know if this includes the teachers!!! 

I plan to try to eat healthily and do lots of exercise (there's a swimming pool, apparently) but of course, I am notoriously weak willed so my good intentions may crumble when faced with full English breakfast, chips for lunch and chocolate cake! Who knows...

Maybe I'll be like Veg at the blog Never Seconds taking photos of her not-always-very-nutritious school dinners.

MONDAY: This is what I had for breakfast:

Here is my lunch:
and I had some fruit for my tea:
Now I'm off for my nightly walk to the pub.

You'll see! I'll return from the UK a shadow of my former self!!

So, please don't forget me, Dear Followers! Pop in now and then to see me, and I'll let you know how things ae going.


  1. Hi Mouse! Oh, I hope you'll take lots of pictures! How fun! Really! What will you teach again?
    I shall make a strawberry/rhubarb pie today. It's been quite some time since I've made a pie and I think a few extra walks will compensate!

  2. Oh don't talk to me of English breakfast its the first thing I have everytime I return home and the second fish and chips!!! Groan!!! I love English breakfasts!!! Mind you when I'm back in the UK I am the unofficial dog walker in my sister's house so I do manage to walk off some of those extra kilos.

    Good Luck at your new summer job

    Amanda :-)

  3. Oh no, Mouse! Carolyn sent the Willows to you! I thought I fixed this but alas, I guess not!
    Don't worry. Just let them sit until you return. I hope you don't mind sending them on to Floss when you have a chance. Again, so sorry for the error.


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